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PheMAP–high-throughput Phenotyping by Measured, Automated Profile

PheMAP is a general, automatic, and portable approach to enable accurate high-throughput phenotyping within electronic health records (EHR). PheMAP quantifies relationships between phenotypes and relevant clinical concepts represented by standard medical terminologies. For each individual, PheMAP assigns a score and probability of having a particular phenotype from identified related concepts within EHRs.


DEB2 is a medication indication and adverse effect knowledgebase derived from five publicly available sources: the VA’s National Drug File-Reference Terminology, MEDLINE, the US Food and Drug Administration’s drug product labels (via the SIDER2 database), the MedlinePlus consumer health information website, and DrugBank, a manually-curated drug target database. All medications, indications, and adverse effects in DEB2 are represented using the RxNorm and SNOMED-CT terminologies.