2022 CPM Seminars

For all sessions:

     Time: 10-11am

     Location: Zoom 


Spring Session:

Date Presenter Article/Topic
Jan 24 Layla Aref "EHR-based readout of genetic variants using an age-aware model of the Phenotype Risk Score"
Feb 28 Megan Shuey & Annika Faucon "An introduction to and mini workshop for PRS.jl, a port of PRS-CS to Julia that improves compute speed by an average of 5.5X without sacrificing PRS estimation"
Mar 28 Protiva Rahman "Automatic Data Curation from Unstructured Text"
Apr 25 Robert (Alex) Becker "Prospective Validation of a Suicide Risk Prediction Model in Transgender and Gender Diverse Patients"

Summer Session:

Date Presenter Article/Topic
May 23 Dora Obodo "Limorhyde2: genomic analysis of biological rhythms focused on effect sizes"
Jun 27 Monika Grabowska "A virtual transcriptome approach identifies drug repurposing candidates for Alzheimer's disease"
Jul 25 Siru Liu  
Aug 22 Michelle Gomez  

Fall Session:

Date Presenter Article/Topic
Sep 26 Megan Lancaster  
Oct 24 Marily Barron  
Nov 28    


If you are interested in presenting, please contact Cynthia Williams.