2021 CPM Seminars

For all sessions:

     Time: 10-11am

     Location: Zoom 


Spring Session:

Date Presenter Article
Jan 25 Sarah Delozier (rescheduling) "Novel and known morbidities . . ."
Feb 22 Peter Louis "Accurate diagnosis of lymphoma ..."
Mar 22 Dora Obodo "Effects of Time-Restricted Eating..."
Apr 26 Nataraja (RJ) Vaitinadin "Polygenic risk scores in cardiovascular risk prediction. . ."

Summer Session:

Date Presenter Article
May 24 Leigh Anne Tang "Genetic analyses identify widespread sex-differential participation bias"
Jun 28 John Shelley "Mendelian pathway analysis of laboratory traits reveals distinct roles..."
Jul 26

Bryce Schuler (rescheduling)

Aug 23 Patrick Wu "UK phenomics platform for developing and validating electronic health record phenotypes: CALIBER"

Fall Session:

Date Presenter Article/Topic
Sep 27 Zeinab Haratipour

“A New Compound Screen Discovers Bilirubin as a Regulatory Ligand for the Nuclear Receptor LRH-1”

Oct 25 Megan Lancaster "Polygenic risk in type 2 diabetes and its impact on management"
Nov 22 Minoo Bagheri "Omics analyses in nutritional research: genomics, metabolomics, microbiome and beyond"


If you are interested in presenting, please contact Cynthia Williams.