2020 CPM Journal Club Schedule

For all sessions:

     Time: 10-11am

     Location: 2525 West End, Suite 1500, Centennial Conference Room


Spring Session:

Date Presenter 1 Presenter 2
Jan 27 Patrick Wu  
Feb 24 Bryce Schuler (View Abstract)  
Mar 23 Sarah Delozier (View Abstract)  
Apr 27 Neil Zheng (View Abstract)  

Summer Session:

Date Presenter 1 Presenter 2
May 25 No JC - Memorial Day  
Jun 22 Special Presentation - Andrea Ramirez, MD, MSCI: "The All of Us Researcher Workbench: innovative access to unprecedented data"  
Jul 27

Eric Kerchberger (View Abstract I and Abstract II)

Darwin Fu: "Inpatient and prescription medication administration times"
Aug 24 Nataraja (RJ) Vaitinadin (View Abstract)  

Fall Session:

Date Presenter 1 Presenter 2
Sep 28 Elizabeth (Liz) Jasper (View Abstract)  
Oct 26 Cosmin (Adi) Bejan (View Abstract)  
Nov 23 Wei-Qi Wei (View Abstract)  
Dec 28    


If you are interested to present, please contact Cynthia Williams.