Pediatric Clinical Resources

Title Description Keywords
Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) HAC - Adverse Drug Effects in the pediatric patient population ADE, Adverse Drug Effects, Quality Safety, Safety Superhero
Alaris PCA Education Sheet A one-page sheet explaining how to use the Alaris PCA pump Alaris pump, pain pump, analgesia pump, patient controlled analgesia, patient pain control
Alaris PCA FAQs Alaris PCA PUMP FAQs PCA FAQ, Alaris Pump FAQ, pain pump FAQ
Aspen Cervical Collar Application Manufacturer guide for using Aspen Collars Aspen collar, cervical collar, collar sizing, c-collar, aspen, neck brace
Aspen Collar Sizing Guide for Infant & Pediatric Patients Measurement guides for fitting an infant or pediatric patient with an Aspen Collar infant collar, pediatric collar, collar fit, cervical collar sizing guide, Aspen collar, c-collar, neck brace
Baclofen Pump Information Sheet Information about the Baclofen Pump baclofen, baclofen pump, spastic, intrathecal medication
Blood Product Administration Quicklist An 'at-a-glance' tool outlining the Blood Product Administration process blood product administration, blood administration, blood, infusion, blood product, blood transfusion, transfusion, transfusion reaction
Blood Product Infusion Rates Blood component infusion rate guidelines for adult and pediatric patients blood infusion, infusion rate, product rate, blood components, blood product infusion rates, pediatric infusion rates
Blunt Renal Injury Clinical Practice Guidelines Chart outlining clinical care from admitting to discharge stages for Grade 1 - 5 renal injuries kidney, renal injury, kidney injury, grade 1 blunt renal injury, grade 2 blunt renal injury, grade 3 blunt renal injury, grade 4 blunt renal injury, grade 5 blunt renal injury
CADD Legacy Pump Resource for IV Flolan and Remodlin
CADD Solis Epidural Pump Step by step guide to reviewing CADD Solis Pump components, powering up the pump, entering patient info, and changing the medication cassette. CADD pump, CADD Solis pump, pain pump, epidural pump, pain medication, analgesia, patient control
CADD-Solis Epidural Pump Set-up & Troubleshooting Guide A thorough guide to the setting, programming, and trouble-shooting the CADD Solis Epidural Pump. CADD-Solis, Epidural pump, spinal, pain pump, medication infusion, CADD pump, Solis pump, CADD, Solis
CADD-Solis Epidural Pump Use Self-Test A self-test designed for staff members to demonstrate their ability to use a CADD Solis Epidural Pump effectively CADD-Solis Pump, pain pump, epidural pump, pump self-test
Catheter-Associated Uriniary Tract Infection (CAUTI) Prevention CAUTI, Prevention, Quality, Safety, Superhero, Bundle, HAC Prevention Bundle
Central Line/Vascular Access Flushing Guidelines Vascular access flushing guidelines and central line care and maintenance steps for acute and critical care pediatric patients vascular access care, central line care, central line maintenance, vascular access care, central line flushing, vascular access flushing, line flush, vat flush, central line flush, flush maintenance
Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) Prevention Bundle CLABSI Prevention CLABSI, Prevention, Quality, Safety, Superhero, Bundle, HAC Prevention Bundle
Chiari Malformation Sheet Guide to Chiari Malformation types, diagnosis, treatment, and care options Chiari Malformation, CSF circulation, neuro, spinal fluid, hydrocephalus
Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) Application for Hygiene CHG bathing cloths, chlorhexidine gluconate, application
eCDR Resource eCDR, CDR, PCA, epidural, controlled drug record
Correct Labeling of Specimens for Patient Safety 1 Page specimens, labeling, label, labels, patient safety, safety, correct label, correct labeling, estar, eSTAR
Correct Labeling of Specimens for Patient Safety - What You Need to Know estar, eSTAR, label, labels, labeling, correct labeling, correct label, specimen, specimens, patient safety, safety
CT Surgery Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Prevention Bundle SSI prevention SSI, prevention, HAC prevention bundle, surgical site, site infection, infection
Dialysis Troubleshooting & Supplies Guidelines Resources for troubleshooting Baxter HomeChoice dialysis machine and list of frequently ordered dialysis supplies dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, pd, pd troubleshooting, baxter, baxter homechoice,
Difficult to Find or Error-Prone Prescription Medications Listing of difficult to find, compounded, and error-prone medications difficult to find medications outside of Vanderbilt, error-prone medications, compounded medications
Dilution of IV Medications and Syringe Size Best practices related to dilution of medications and syringe sizes iv dilution, medication, iv medication, dilution, syringe, syringe size, medication dilution, iv push, iv push medications
Documenting Homeward Bound Classes in eStar documenting, document, documentation, homeward bound, estar, eSTAR
eStar Tip Sheet - Code Dosing Sheets estar, eSTAR, tips, tip sheet, tip, code dosing, code dosing sheet
eStar Tip Sheet - How to Use Fujitsu fi7160 to Scan In eStar eStar, fujitsu, scan, scanner, fi7160
eStar Tip Sheet - Inpatient Nurse - Patient Controlled Analgesia (eCDR) estar, eSTAR, tip, tips, tip sheet, patient controlled, analgesia, CDR, eCDR
eStar Tip Sheet - Override Pulls - Nursing Reconciliation estar, eSTAR, tip, tips, tip sheet, over ride, override, override pulls, nursing reconciliation, reconciliation
eStar Tip Sheet - TPN Nursing Verification at Bedside estar, eSTAR, tip, tips, tip sheet, TPN, Bedside, Verification
Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) breast milk, collection, storage, frozen breast milk, thawed breast milk, EBM, storage of breast milk, collection of breast milk, intake-EBM
Falls Prevention Bundle Falls prevention fall, fall prevention, HAC Prevention Bundle, Safety, Superhero
PRISM Protocols Prism, Protocol, prism protocol
Fluids and Central Line Care This document outlines using premixed and compounded medications via central lines, gives 24- and 96-hour medication examples, and provides tips fr accessing and changing central line tubing. fluid expiration, tubing expiration, IV tubing, tubing change, clave change, fluids, 24 hour central line medications, 96 hour central line medications, access central line
Food and Nutrition Services food, nutrition, diet, tray, menu, meals, guest tray, breastfeeding, mom tray, nutrition leadership, nutrition team, rd staff
Fosphenytoin Dilution Chart Chart listing dose, mL of Fosphenytoin, dilution amount, and total mL for pediatric patients fosphenytoin dilution, medication dilution, dilutions
Hemodialysis VASCATH Care Guidelines for taking care of pediatric patients with Hemodialysis Vascular Access Catheters vascath, dialysis, central line care, hemodialysis vascath, hemodialysis vascular access catheter, catheter care,
High Alert Medication List MCJCHV High alert Medication Listing high alert medication, double check administration, anticoagulents, calcium chloride V, calcium gluconate IV, chemotheraputic agents IV, clonidine PO, desmopressin, digoxin IV, heparin IV, insulin IV, magnesium sulfate IV, neuromuscular blockers, potassium
How to Draw Vancomycin Peaks and Troughs Provides steps to drawing Vancomycin Peaks and Troughs vancomycin, peaks and troughs, vancomycin infusion
How to Place Cleo 90 site for SQ Remodulin cleo 90, sq remodulin,
How to Reconfigure Zebra DS8178 Barcode Scanner Zebra DS8178, Zebra, DS8178, Barcode, Scanner, Barcode Scanner
Hyperbilirubinemia & Phototherapy: Nursing Care Phototherapy practices and procedure to teat hyperbilirubinemia in newborns hyperbilirubinemia, hyperbili, phototherpay, phototherapy treatment
Insuflon Article outlining the use and care of a catheter (eg: Insuflon) for insulin-dependent children, adolescents and adults insuflon, insuflon catheter, catheter, insulin catheter, subcutaneous port, sub Q injection, Sub Q
Intramusclar Injection Administration and Needle Size Mosby's Table for intramuscular administration by needle by age (including injection sites, needle length, needle gauge, and suggested maximum ml to be injected) intramuscular injections, intramuscular injection needle, IM location, needle size, needle gauge, IM administration, IM by needle
Isolette Management Process and procedure for managing an isolette isolette, isolette management, isolette temperature
Isolette Thermal Environmental Temperatures Guidelines for maintaining isolette temperature based on infant age and weight isolette temperature, isolette thermal environment, isolette, thermoregulation
IV Harm Prevention Document includes patient door signs, chart detailing how to reduce harm from IV infiltrates and Prevention FAQs IV infiltrate, IV site infection
IV Line Maintenance IV line maintenance. IV, line, maintenance, iv line, line maintenance
IV Securement Dressings Tegaderm IV Advanced Securement Dressing application and removal guide tegaderm, iv dressing, securement, securement dressing, iv protection, tegaderm application
JIT-SQ Treprostinil SQ Treprostinil
MACE: Malone Antegrade Continence Enema Appendicostomy (Malone Procedure) MACE, Malone Antegrade Continence Enema, Appendicostomy, Malone Procedure
MCJCHV IV Medication Compatibility Chart listing medications and their compatibility with IV Medications (including TPN, Lipids, Morphine, Dilaudid, Na Bicarb, Continuous IV Prograf, BA Pump, and BAD Pump) IV Medications, medication compatibility, TPN compatibility, Lipid compatibility, morphine compatibility, dilaudid compatibility, Na Bicarb compatibility, Continuous IV Prograf compatibility,, BA Pump compatibility,, BAD Pump compatibility,
MCJCHV IV/IM Medication Preparation Chart Chart listing medication, preparation, final concentration, and administration for common IV/IM drugs IV medication preparation, IM preparation, medication Preparation, medication concentrations
MCJCHV Pharmacy Call-For Medications List of medications used in the pediatric population that are on the Children's Pharmacy call-for list call-for medications, children's pharmacy, pediatric call-for medications
Mitrofanoff Mitrofanoff information sheet. Mitrofanoff, appendix, surgical procedure
MRSA Surveillance Culture Collection MRSA, Culture, MRSA culture, culture collection, MRSA collection, MRSA surveillance, surveillance
neoBLUE Quick Guide neoBLUE Quick Guide LED Phototherapy neoBLUE, quick guide, phototherapy, led
Neurological Exam Information What goes into a comprehensive neurological exam neuro exam, neurological exam, neuro normals, examination, neuro assessment, neurological assessment
Neuro- Baclofen Pump Information Sheet Baclofen Pump Information Sheet baclofen pump
Neuro- Craniosynostosis Information Sheet Neuro- Craniosynostosis Information Sheet craniosynostosis
Neuro- Exam Information Sheet Neuro- Exam Information Sheet neuro exam, neurological exam, neuro normals, examination, neuro assessment, neurological assessment
Neuro- Spinal Fusion Information Sheet Neuro- Spinal Fusion Information Sheet spinal fusion
New Labels for eSTAR estar, estar labels, labels, eSTAR, eSTAR labels
New Onset Diabetes Discharge Education A one-page guide to providing discharge and follow-up education to caregivers and patients diagnosed with Diabetes diabetes, new onset diabetes, diabetes education
NG Tube Placement Verification FAQ Tips for testing NG Tube Placement using Hydrion pH paper for verification feeding tube, decpmpression tube, nasogastric, NGT, NG tube, pH paper, air bolus, tube feeding, BG feeding
NICU PICC Care Flushing and dressing change protocols for NICU PICC patients PICC, NICU, NICU PICC, CVC, central line, PICC flushing guidelines, PICC dressing changes flushing guidelines, dressing guidelines
Panda Warmer Guidelines Panda, Warmer, Panda Warmer, Panda Guidelines, Warmer Guidelines
Pediatric Bed Selection Decision Tree pediatric bed, bed selection, peds bed, bed decision, decision tree
Peripheral IV TLC Flyer PIV, PIVIE, TLC flyer, peripheral, piv, pivie
Peritoneal Dialysis Guide to understanding Peritoneal Dialysis, PD assessment, Peritonitis signs and symptoms, post-op care, dressing changes, and HED charting dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, pd, pd assessment, pd post-op care, pd charting, peritonitis signs, peritonitis symptoms
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Care Reminders At-a-glance sheet detailing Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) catheter care, including placement and dressing change instructions PD, dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, PD catheter, peritoneal dialysis catheter, extension set, dialysate tubing, catheter dressing changes
Phlebotomy Guidelines for Maximum Amount of Blood Safely Drawn from Children Outlines limits for the amount of blood that can be drawn from a pediatric patient within a 24-hour period blood limit, maximum blood draw, blood draw by age
PPHN SQ Remodulin CADD Operator Manual pphn, SQ remodulin, cadd, operator manual
Pressure Injury Prevention Bundle Pressure injury prevention. pressure injury, pi, pi prevention, pi guidelines, pressure injury guidelines, prevention and treatment
Procainamide Bolus Preparation Instructions Instructions for preparing a Procainamide Bolus procainamide bolus
Pump Resetting in Acute Care Pump resetting guidelines for Pediatric Acute Care patients pump reset, IV pump, pump resetting guidelines, pump, acute care pump reset, resetting pump
Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale (RASS) RASS, rass, richmond agitation, sedation scale, richmond agitation sedation scale, richmond, agitation, sedation, scale
Shunts This handout details what a shunt is, what conditions a shunt is used to treat (hydrocephalus and Pseudotumor Cerebri), the three types of shunts which are used, and pre-operative and post-operative care for patients with a shunt shunt, hydrocephalus, Pseudotumor Cerebri, ventriculo-subgaleal shunt, ventriculo-peritoneal shunt, endoscopic-third bentriculostomy shunt, ETV, CSF circulation, shunts
Spinal Cord Injuries This document defines what a spinal cord injury is, how the injury presents, how to assess the injury and treatment options. spinal cord, spinal cord injury, cervical spine injury spinal trauma, spinal paralysis
Spinal Fusion Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Spinal Fusion SSI spinal fusion, ssi, site infection, surgical infection, spine
SQ Remodulin Nursing Competency Checklist SQ Remodulin, checklist
Subcutaneous Remodulin Checklist Flolan, Remodulin, Pulmonary Hypertension
Tacrolimus Tips At-a-glance sheet for Pediatric Liver Transplant Patients prescribed Tacrolimus tacrolimus, pediatric liver transplants, pediatric liver transplant medication, tacrolimus pill, tacrolimus liquid
Teleflex Pleur-EVAC A-6000 Dry Suction Pump Instructions for using the Teleflex PLEUR-EVAC A-6000 Dry Suction Pump suction pump, dry suction pump, Teleflex pump, PLEUR-EVAC A-600
Teleflex PLEUR-EVAC A-7000 Wet Suction Pump Instructions for using the Teleflex PLEUR-EVAC A-7000 Wet Suction Pump suction pump, wet suction pump, Teleflex pump, PLEUR-EVAC A-7000
Tips for the Anorexic Patient
Tubes in Children Booklet Tubes in Children information booklet tubes
Tympanic Thermometry Tympanic, thermometry
Vacutainer Order of the Draw Illustrations and tables outlining blood culture order of the draw vacutainer, blood culture, order
VCH Formulary Lexicomp Mobile App Instructions Lexicomp, Lexicomp Mobile, Lexicomp Instructions, Formulary, Mobile App Instructions
VCH Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment Guidelines pressure injury, pi, pi prevention, pi guidelines, pressure injury guidelines, prevention and treatment
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) ventilator, pneumonia, vap, ventilator pneumonia, prevention
VP Shunt Surgical Site Infection (SSI) VP Shunt vp, shunt, surgical site, site infection, ssi, prevention
VUMC Living Kidney Donation Information This presentation describes: 1) the process of the transplant evaluation, 2) the medical workup and selection committee of the living donor, 3) identifies the importance of histocompatibility testing, 4) identifies options for incompatible living donors, 5) describes the risks of donor nephrectomy, and 6) describes the expected follow up for living donors post-op. kidney transplant, kidney transplant donor, organ donor, transplants, kidney donor
VUMC Pediatric Liver Transplant Information This presentation details updates to and goals for the MCJCHV Pediatric Liver Transplant Program liver transplant, pediatric liver transplant, organ transplant
Withdrawal Assessment Tool (WAT) Guideline for using the Withdrawal Assessment Tool (WAT) in pediatric acute care areas. Withdrawal Assessment Tool, WAT, WAT Score, pain management
Flolan on an Alaris Pump Flolan, Pulmonary Hypertension, Alaris Pump