Research Recruitment

We conduct research on ethical considerations in how individuals are identified and contacted about research participation, striving to contribute to the development of balanced approaches that provide appropriate protections yet avoid overly restrictive policies that have a chilling effect on beneficial research and limit opportunities for those who would like to participate.

Funding for this research was provided in part by the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Genotype-Driven Research Recruitment

What ethical challenges are raised when researchers identify and recruit individuals for studies based on knowledge of the presence or absence of a gene variant of interest?

What are prospective participants’ attitudes and opinions toward genotype-driven recruitment?

What are IRB leaders’ perspectives on genotype-driven research recruitment?

What are ethical ways to approach genotype-driven research recruitment?

Research Recruitment through Cancer Registries

What are cancer registries’ policies and practices regarding research recruitment?

What is the effect of different approaches to involving physicians in research recruitment?

What are patients’ attitudes and opinions about being identified and recruited through a cancer registry?

Other Publications on Research Recruitment


We collaborated with the University of Louisville and others on a grant addressing international direct-to-participant research recruitment.

• Rothstein MA, Zawati MH, Beskow LM, Brelsford KM, Brothers KB, Hammack-Aviran CM, Hazel JW, Joly Y, Lang M, Saltzman, Knoppers BM. Legal and ethical challenges of international direct-to-participant genomic research: Conclusions and recommendations. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (2019)

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