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• Behavioral Health (flipbook / pdf
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing  
Door Sign (printable)  
Leader Response to Workplace Violence Checklist (VUAH)  
My Health Passport (VUAH)  
Occupational Health Clinic-Work Injury  
Office of Legal Affairs: 615/936-0101  
Patient Relations: 615/322-6154 
Risk Management: 615/936-0660  
Sexual harassment policy, reporting and resources
Sitter Handover Worksheet
The SHARE Center (Sexual Harassment: Awareness,
   Response, and Education)  
• Social work email: 
• Team Meeting for Level 3 or 4 Threats
• Veritas
  - Emergency Phone: 615/421-1911 or 911 on campus
  - Non-Emergency Phone: 615/322-2745
• What do I say when someone tells me they have
  been assaulted or harassed?

• Work/Life Connections-EAP
  (Employee Assistance Program) 615/936-1327
  -- Work/Life Connections List of Services  

  •  American Nurses Association on Workplace Violence
• AONL Workplace Violence Prevention
• The Joint Commission on Workplace Violence
• Medscape: “Violence: Not in My Job Description”
• National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
  on Workplace Violence

• Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  on Workplace Violence

• TeamSTEPPS Debrief Checklist
• TeamSTEPPS Mutual Support: CUS Words 
• TED Talk “How Childhood Trauma Affects
   Health Across a Lifetime”
by Nadine Burke Harris