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  • 11 Steps of Verbal De-Escalation
    A series of short videos depicting verbal de-escalation techniques.
    Duration: 1 hour total. 

  • Encountering Distressed Patients & Families  
    A recorded webinar about communication with patients and families.
    Duration: 50 min.

  • Motivational Interviewing
    A series of short videos explaining and depicting the tactic of “Motivational Interviewing” that can be used by nurses to understand a patient’s readiness to change their health.
    Duration: 15 min total.

  • Rebuild the Foundation of a Resilient Workforce  
    A series of recorded presentations from the Advisory Board providing nurse leaders with tactics to support their frontline staff through violence and point-of-care safety threats.
    Duration: 3 hours total. 

  • Respect @ Work: Partners in Respect (PiR)
    A live bystander intervention workshop offered virtually, focused on teaching leaders and staff the steps they can take to maintain a safe and respectful workplace.
    Duration: 1 hour. 

  • Responding to Workplace Violence: A Manager's Guide  
    An online module for leaders to learn the basic steps of responding to workplace violence.
    Duration: est. 20 min.

  • Stigma  
    A video describing how stigma impacts patients.
    Duration: 5 min.

  • VUMC Verbal De-escalation Techniques
    An online module for frontline staff to learn the basic principles of verbal de-escalation.
    Duration: est. 45 min.

  • VUAH Behavioral Health Safety
    An online module for frontline staff to learn basic environmental safety precautions for working with behavioral health patients.
    Duration: est. 45 min.

  • Workplace Violence Prevention
    An online module that introduces concepts for recognizing possible situations where violence could occur, and how to respond appropriately, with a primary focus on situations involving patients and visitors in clinical settings.
    Duration: est. 60 min.

  • Workplace Violence Screening Prevention and Treatment (VUAH)
    An online module that covers the VUAH tactics to screen for and treat violence, including the Broset Violence Checklist, the My Health Passport, and the Tiered Response Plan.  
    Duration: est. 30 min.