Medical Record Forms Committee

Purpose and Scope

The Medical Record Forms Committee is charged with overseeing the development of new documents, condensing the existing catalog of forms, editing and making recommendations for all forms incorporated into the electronic medical record. The scope for this committee includes all forms that will become part of the medical record either by electronic creation, scanning, or image upload that do not require a patient signature, including, but are not limited to, clinical, administrative, and research documents. Functions include:

  • Develop and maintain processes to manage form and/or electronic template creation or revision with a focus on reasonable standardization and electronic creation.
  • Review all forms not requiring a patient signature prior to build or inclusion in the medical record. The review/approval process aims to:
    • optimize usability and operational flow and processes
    • encourage standardization and minimize multiple similar forms
    • assure compliance with VUMC policy and standards
    • confirm documents comply with regulatory/statutory standards
    • assign document type and naming standard.
  • Forms requiring a patient signature are referred to the Patient Signature Forms Committee.
  • Coordinate with information technology (IT) for technology enhancements, interface, and form development.


The Medical Record Forms Committee is a subcommittee of the Health Record Executive Committee under the auspices of the Medical Center Medical Board.


The Medical Record Forms Committee meets monthly, or as often as needed to accomplish the work.

Medical Record Forms Committee Membership Representation


Primary Forms Management Support Staff

Accreditation & Standards

Health IT HIM Team

Office of Legal Affairs

Behavioral Health Administration

Clinical IT – Physician 

Clinical IT - Nursing

Nursing Leadership - Adult

Nursing Leadership - Pediatric

Center for Health Information Management

Main OR Administration

Ambulatory Leadership


Ad Hoc Members:

As needed for content review, workflow analysis, or as requested by committee

Approved: Health Record Executive Committee

Date: August 2020