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The Vanderbilt Memory & Alzheimer's Center Interdisciplinary T32 Alzheimer's Disease Training Program


About the Program

Worldwide, there are an insufficient number of investigators and clinicians who specialize in Alzheimer's disease relative to its extraordinary burden. To ensure long-term sustainability and growth in the field, the Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer's Center (VMAC) has established a unique training program to prime the pipeline for the next generation of scientists and clinicians in Alzheimer's disease and cognitive aging. VMAC's NIH-funded program (T32-AG058524, PI: Jefferson) supports PhD students and post-doctoral fellows who participate in interdisciplinary learning experiences and develop knowledge and skills to support discovery. In addition to PhD students and fellows financially supported by the T32 grant, the curriculum is also available to early career trainees across Vanderbilt’s campus. Undergraduate students, medical students, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, and early career faculty all contribute to the learning community established by this T32 grant.


Interdisciplinary Alzheimer's Disease Journal Club: a monthly discussion with faculty and trainees about a current research from the cognitive aging literature. Learn more.

Alzheimer's Disease Research Day: a one-day academic conference showcasing work from the Vanderbilt and Meharry campuses on Alzheimer's and related dementias. Learn more.

Works-In-Progress Meetings: a weekly meeting with faculty and trainees to workshop grants applications and presentations.

Biostatistics Meetings: a weekly meeting including the Center's biostatistical team during which trainees learn from the selection and application of statistical methodologies.

Cognitive & Behavioral Neurology Case Conference: a 90-minute Division-sponsored conference in which clinical, neurological and neuropsychological data are reviewed for clinic patients. 

How to apply

T32 appointments are available to current trainees whose faculty mentors are members of the Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer's Center. If you are a current trainee, please talk to your mentor about application requirements. 


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