Jerri M. Rook, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Director of In Vivo and Behavioral Pharmacology, Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery

Dr. Jerri M. Rook is a behavioral and systems neuropharmacologist and an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology. Dr. Rook’s research interests focus on understanding the in vivo effects of G protein-coupled receptors in the regulation of brain function and behavior to identify novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, she has worked on the M1 positive allosteric modulators drug discovery program for an Alzheimer’s candidate drug that is currently in clinical trials. Dr. Rook is an investigator in the Vanderbilt Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

Dr. Rook completed her doctoral degree in pharmacology at University of Kansas Medical Center and a postdoctoral fellowship in pharmacology at Vanderbilt University. She joined the Vanderbilt faculty in 2012.