Hannah Gavin

Research Coordinator

Hannah Gavin is a Clinical Translational Research Coordinator I at the Vanderbilt Memory & Alzheimer's Center. She received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri in 2020, where she majored in Health Science.  During her undergrad, she worked as a research assistant in a molecular microbiology and immunology lab, focusing on Type I Diabetes and T cell development research,under the direction of Dr. Habib Zaghouani, as well as working as a clinical research assistant for the Emergency Medicine Department at University Hospital, under the direction of Dr. Julie Stilley.  She also received First Place in the MU Health Science Research Day Poster Competition 2019, for her project Type II Cytokines Direct Choices of Early Thymic Progenitor Lineage and Influence Negative Selection of Myelin-Reactive T Cells.  

In her free time, Hannah enjoys going to workout classes, reading and is looking forward to exploring all that Nashville has to offer.