The Vanderbilt Memory & Alzheimer’s Center includes an innovative research portfolio that emphasizes identifying risk factors and early diagnostic markers of Alzheimer's disease and developing novel treatments and preventative measures for memory loss and abnormal cognitive aging.

Our goal is to advance scientific knowledge to reduce the public health burden of mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and related disorders.

Our interdisciplinary investigative team is represented by distinguished scientists in their respective fields. Key research initiatives led by our scientists are described below:

Key Research Initiatives

Risk & Prevention Initiative

Led by Dr. Angela Jefferson, this initiative examines the intersection between vascular health and Alzheimer’s disease for the purposes of identifying risk factors and prevention targets. To learn more, click here.

Early Detection Initiative

This initiative, led by Dr. Katherine Gifford, focuses on identifying tools for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. To learn more, click here.

Resilience Initiative

This initiative, led by Dr. Timothy Hohman, focuses on understanding factors underlying some people’s resilience to the clinical manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease. To learn more, click here.

Clinical Trials Initiative

This initiative, jointly led by Drs. Angela Jefferson and Lealani Acosta, focuses on testing new drug targets to identify effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. To learn more, click here.

VUMC Researchers - Application for VMAC Registry Referrals

iStock_000017683062_Medium.jpgLooking for participants who are interested in volunteering in memory studies?

In addition to our faculty's research activities, the Vanderbilt Memory & Alzheimer's Center also provides participant referrals to clinical investigators in aging and Alzheimer's disease. If you are a Vanderbilt researcher and would like us to recruit VMAC Research Registry participants for your study, click here to fill out the application for VMAC Registry referrals.