Vanderbilt Reporter feature on Dr. Timothy Hohman's research on the genetics behind Alzheimer’s resiliency

April 10, 2014
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Autopsies have revealed that some individuals develop the cellular changes indicative of Alzheimer’s disease without ever showing clinical symptoms in their lifetime. Vanderbilt University Medical Center memory researchers have discovered a potential genetic variant in these asymptomatic individuals that may make brains more resilient against Alzheimer’s.

Vanderbilt’s Geriatric Cardiology Clinic creates path to better health for older adults

October 10, 2013
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Thomas Kent has never met a stranger. He is quick to share tales about his time as a music manager in Las Vegas or to pull out one of his favorite one-liners. He says he’s the only Quaker minister in town with a wife behind the pulpit to strike a “bada-bing” after each joke. What can be difficult about Kent is getting him to talk about his health. “I’ve seen a lot and I’ve been lucky. For example, I had my first heart attack while I was already here at Vanderbilt. It’s a good place to be if something happens,” Kent said.


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