Animal Studies

Department of Animal Care (DAC)

The Division of Animal Care (DAC) is the service core of the Office of Research that provides procurement, husbandry, and healthcare for experimental animals, as well as scientific/technical support for Vanderbilt researchers.

Their mission is to provide humane animal care that meets the highest national standards supporting knowledge and discovery through research. To that end, the DAC endeavors to provide excellent animal care and customer service in support of Vanderbilt’s research and teaching programs. 

IACUC - Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee's (IACUC) primary function is to assist our faculty, students, and staff in upholding Vanderbilt's determination of ethical and humane use of animals in research, teaching, and testing. The IACUC is a self-regulating entity and qualified through the experience and expertise of its members.

Operating under the jurisdiction of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Veterans Administration Tennessee Valley Healthcare System (VA), the IACUC oversees the institution's animal care and use program, facilities and procedures, as mandated by the Animal Welfare Act and the Public Health Service Policy. The IACUC assures that all animals are used and treated with the highest standard of care while facilitating critically important research.

 OAWA - Office of Animal Welfare Assurance

The mission of the Office of Animal Welfare Assurance is to provide efficient support to the Vanderbilt Research Community by:

  • Promoting the highest standards of ethical care and use of animals in research and education
  • Providing effective communication of regulatory laws, standards, and policies to animal users
  • Establishing good working rapport with animal research agencies and institutions around the glob


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