Schedule for the 18th Annual METP Day

Thursday May 26th 2022; Room 411 Light Hall 

11:00 AM

Richard O'Brien Ph. D.
        Welcome & Introduction of New Trainees

11:05 AM

Heather Caslin Ph.D. (Hasty Lab)
        Weight Cycling Induces a Novel Population of Lipid-Associated Mast Cells

11:20 AM

Julie Burkett (Gannon Lab)
        Targeting the Opposing Roles of Prostaglandin E2 Receptors, EP3 and EP4, to Alter
        Type One Diabetes Pathogenesis

11:35 AM

Tiffany Richardson (Powers Lab)
        Human Pancreatic Capillaries and Nerve Fibers Persist in Type 1 Diabetes Despite β Cell

11:50 AM

Adriana Norris (Graham/Stafford Labs)
        Exploring the Role of ATP10A in Diet-Induced Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

12:05 PM

Lunch Break

12:25 PM

Maggie Fye (Kaverina Lab)
        Microtubule Polarity at Beta Cell Hot Spots

12:40 PM

Darian Carroll (Gannon Lab)
        The Effects of Maternal Overnutrition on Islet Function in Non-Human Primate Offspring

12:55 PM

Jade Stanley (Dean Lab)
        The Role of Arginine Transport on Pancreatic Alpha Cell Proliferation and Function

1:10 PM

Michelle Bedenbaugh Ph.D. (Simerly Lab)
    The Role of MC3R Circuits in the Bed Nuclei of the Stria Terminalis in Feeding and Anxiety
    Like Behaviors































This Diabetes Research and Training Center Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Training Program is supported by an NIH training grant (NIH grant T32 DK07563) and by the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (NIH grant DK20593).