Nyman Publications

Selected Publications (since 2019)

1.               S. Heath, Y. Han, R. Hua, A. Roy, J. Jiang, J.S. Nyman, and X. Wang. Assessment of Glycosaminoglycan Content in Bone using Raman Spectroscopy. Bone. 171: 116751, 2023

2.               H.Y. Dar, D. Perrien, S. Pal, A. Stoica, R.M. S. Uppuganti, J.S. Nyman, R.M. Jones, M.N. Weitzmann, and R. Pacifici. Callus gamma delta T cells and microbial-induced intestinal Th17 cells improve fracture healing in mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2023.

3.               M. Unal, S. Uppuganti, R. Ahmed, D.Y. Dapaah, J. Pennings, T. L. Willett, P. Voziyan, and J.S. Nyman. Effect of Ribose Incubation on Physical, Chemical, and Mechanical Properties of Human Cortical Bone. Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. 140:105731, 2023.

4.               P. Voziyan, S. Uppuganti, K.L. Rose, and J.S. Nyman. Mapping glycation and glycoxidation sites in collagen I from human cortical bone. BBA Advances. 3:100079, 2023.

5.               K.D. Harkins, T. Ketsiri, J.S. Nyman, and M.D. Does. Fast Bound and Pore Water Mapping of Cortical Bone with Arbitrary Slice Orientated 2D UTE. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 89(2):767-773, 2023.

6.               T. Ketsiri, S. Uppuganti, K.D. Harkins, D.F. Gochberg, J.S. Nyman, and M.D. Does. T1 Relaxation of Bound and Pore Water in Cortical Bone. NMR in Biomedicine. e4878, 2022.

7.               T. Ketsiri, S. Uppuganti, K.D. Harkins, D.F. Gochberg, J.S. Nyman, and M.D. Does. Finite Element Analysis of Bone Mechanical Properties using MRI-derived Bound and Pore Water Concentration Maps. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. 2022.

8.               J.E. Joll II, L.A. Riley, M.R. Bersi, J.S. Nyman, and W.D. Merryman. Sclerostin ablation prevents aortic valve stenosis in mice. American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology. 323(5):H1037-H1047, 2022.

9.               R. Ahmed, S. Uppuganti, S. Derasari, J., J. Pennings, F. Elefteriou, and J.S. Nyman. Identifying Bone Matrix Impairments in a Mouse Model of NF1 by Clinically Translatable Techniques. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. 2022. 37(8):1603-1621, 2022.

10.            T.L. Willett, P. Voziyan, and J.S. Nyman. Causative or Associative: A Critical Review of the Role of Advanced Glycation End-products in Bone Fragility. Bone. 163: 116485, 2022.

11.            S. Uppuganti, T. Ketsir3, Y. Zhang, M.D. Does, and J.S. Nyman. HR-pQCT parameters of the distal radius correlate with the bending strength of the radial diaphysis. Bone. 161:116429, 2022.

12.            D.H. Lee, K. Reasoner, S. Uppuganti, M.J. Desai, and J.S. Nyman. Intraoperative Use of Impact Microindentation to Assess Distal Radius Bone Quality. Review of Scientific Instruments. 49(6): 064102, 2022.

13.            J. Joll, M. Bersi, J. Nyman, and W.D. Merryman. Evaluation of early bilateral ovariectomy in mice as a model of left heart disease. American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology. 322(6):H1080-H1085, 2022.

14.            G.B. Lowen, K.A. Garrett, S.N. Moore-Lotridge, S. Uppuganti, S.A. Guelcher, J.G. Schoenecker, and J.S. Nyman. Effect of intramedullary nailing patterns on interfragmentary strain in a mouse femur fracture: A parametric finite element analysis. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. 144(5):051007, 2022.

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16.            M. Unal, R. Ahmed, A. Mahadevan-Jansen, and J.S. Nyman. Compositional Assessment of Bone by Raman spectroscopy. Analyst. 146(24): 7464-7490, 2021.

17.            H.A. Cole, S.N. Moore-Lotridge, G.D. Hawley, R.A. Jacobson, M. Yuasa, L.S. Gewin, J.S. Nyman, M.J. Flick, and J.G. Schoenecker. The deleterious effects of impaired fibrinolysis on skeletal development are dependent on fibrin(ogen), but independent of interlukin-6. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. 8:768338, 2021.

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22.            Moore-Lotridge S.N., Ihejirika R., Gibson B.H.Y., Posey S.L., Mignemi N.A., Cole H.A., Hawley G.D., Uppuganti S., Nyman J.S.and J.G. Schoenecker. Severe injury-induced osteoporosis and skeletal muscle mineralization: Are these related complications? Bone Reports. 14:100743, 2020

23.            Creecy A, Brown KL, Rose KL, Voziyan P, and JS Nyman. Post-translational modifications in collagen type I of bone in a mouse model of aging. Bone. Online ahead of print.

24.            Thrailkill K.M., Bunn R.C., Uppuganti S., Ray P., Popescu I., Kalaitzoglou E., Fowlkes J.L.,and J.S. Nyman. Canagliflozin, an SGLT2-inhibitor, corrects glycemic dysregulation in TallyHO model of T2D but only partially prevents bone deficits. Bone. 141:115625, 2020.

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27.            Fowlkes J.L., BunnR.C., Ray P.D., Kalaitzoglou E., Uppuganti S., Unal M., Nyman J.S., and K.M. Thrailkill Constitutive activation of MEK1 in osteoprogenitors increases strength of bone despite impairing mineralization. Bone. 130: 115106, 2020.

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29.            McGough M.A.P., Boller L.A., Groff, D.M., Schoenecker J.G., Nyman J.S., Wenke J.C., Rhodes C., Shimko D., Duvall C.L., and S.A. Guelcher. Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite-poly(thioketal  urethane) nanocomposites stimulate a combined intramembranous and endochondral ossification response in rabbits. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. 6:564-574, 2020.

30.            Unal M., Uppuganti S., Timur S., Mahadevan-Jansen A., Akkus O.,and J.S. Nyman. Assessing matrix quality by Raman spectroscopy helps predict fracture toughness of human cortical bone under review. Scientific Reports. 9:7195, 2019.

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33.            Salazar V.S., Capelo L.P., Cantù C., Zimmerli D., Gosalia N., Pregizer S., Cox K., Ohte S., Feigenson M., Gamer L., Nyman J.S., Carey D.J., Economides A., Basler K., Rosen V. Reactivation of a developmental Bmp2 signaling center is required for therapeutic control of the periosteal niche in the murine skeleton. eLife. 8:e42386, 2019.

34.            Nyman J.S., Uppuganti S., Unal M., Leverant C.J., Adabala S, Granke M., Voziyan P., and M.D. Does. Manipulating the amount and structure of the organic matrix affects the water compartments of human cortical bone. JBMR Plus. 3(6):e10135, 2019.

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