Nyman Publications

Selected Publications (since 2016)

  1.  Creecy A, Brown KL, Rose KL, Voziyan P, and JS Nyman. Post-translational modifications in collagen type I of bone in a mouse model of aging. Bone. Online ahead of print.

  2.  Dubrovsky A.M.K, Nyman J.S., Uppuganti S., Chmiel K., Kimmel D.B., and N.E Lane. Bone strength/bone mass discrepancy in glucocorticoid-treated adult mice. JBMR Plus. Online ahead of print.

  3. Thrailkill K.M., Bunn R.C., Uppuganti S., Ray P., Popescu I., Kalaitzoglou E., Fowlkes J.L.,and J.S. Nyman. Canagliflozin, an SGLT2-inhibitor, corrects glycemic dysregulation in TallyHO model of T2D but only partially prevents bone deficits. Bone. 141: 115625, 2020.

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  5. Thrailkill K.M., Bunn R.C., Uppuganti S., Ray P., Garrett K., Popescu I., Pennings J., Fowlkes J.L., and J.S. Nyman. Genetic ablation of SGLT2 function in mice impairs tissue mineral density but does not affect fracture resistance of bone. Bone. 133: 115254, 2020.

  6. Fowlkes J.L., Bunn R.C., Ray P.D., Kalaitzoglou E., Uppuganti S., Unal M., Nyman J.S., and K.M. Thrailkill. Constitutive activation of MEK1 in osteoprogenitors increases strength of bone despite impairing mineralization. Bone. 130: 115106, 2020.

  7. Creecy A., Uppuganti S., Girard M.R., Schlunk S.G., Amah C., Granke M., Unal M., Does M.D., and J.S. Nyman. The Age-Related Decrease in Material Properties of BALB/c Mouse Long Bones Involves Alterations to the Extracellular Matrix. Bone. 130:115126, 2020.

  8. McGough M.A.P., Boller L.A., Groff, D.M., Schoenecker J.G., Nyman J.S., Wenke J.C., Rhodes C., Shimko D., Duvall C.L., and S.A. Guelcher. Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite-poly(thioketal  urethane) nanocomposites stimulate a combined intramembranous and endochondral ossification response in rabbits. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. 6:564-574, 2020.

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