Sasidhar Uppuganti, MS

Lab Manager
Orthopaedic Surgery
Lab Address
1161 21st Ave S,
Room / Suite
Lab Phone
(615) 322-7184

Sasi graduated with a Masters in BME from University of Akron, Ohio in 2010. After a brief stint in the industry with Philips Respironics (Monroeville, PA) as an Engineering Assistant, he joined the Nyman lab in August 2011. He assists with the research studies for Dr. Nyman, VCBB collaborators, Vanderbilt Orthopaedic department, and other industry projects; besides overseeing the daily operation and management of the Bone Biomechanics laboratory. He has strong technical skills with hands-on experience in Micro-CT, 1H NMR, Raman spectroscopy, SEM imaging, and biomechanical testing of bone.