Principal Investigator

Research Assistants

  • Dennis P. Buehler

    Research Assistant

    Dennis is investigating factors that control lineage divergence of neural crest-derived cell types in the developing intestine and lower urinary tract.

  • Karen Deal

    Karen is analyzing neurogenesis within pelvic ganglia during normal development and in mouse models of Spina bifida. 

  • Marisa Rigsby

    Research Assistant

    Marisa is mapping the timing and distribution of neuromodulatory cells in the developing urinary tract. 


Graduate Students

  • Justin Avila

    Neuroscience PhD Program, Vanderbilt Brain Institute

    Justin is working to understand the mechanisms by which Sox10 alters the balance of neuronal fates in the enteric nervous system. 

Undergraduate Students

  • Hannah Sullivan

    Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Hannah is a whiz at isolating DNA.  She helps us stay on track with our maintaining our mouse lines and keeping things organized in lab.

  • Anoop Chandrashekar

    Anoop is working to quantify deficits of bladder innervation in mouse models of disease.

Previous Group Members

  • Melissa A. Musser

    Graduate Student
    Medical Scientist Training Program

    Melissa used mouse models during her Ph.D. studies to analyze lineage diversification in the enteric nervous system and determine how this relates to gastrointestinal dysmotility and variability in Hirschsprung patient phenotypes.  Melissa matched to Boston Children's Hospital for her residency training in Peds GI.  Congrats Muss!!

  • Kate Jones

    Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

    During her time with our team, Kate worked to define genome sequence variants that affect ENS development.  She is now in medical school at Temple University.

  • Jessica Do

    Jessica has gone on to medical school at MeHarry Medical College.

  • Meena Halaka

    Former Research Assistant

    Meena had been characterizing novel alleles taht disrupt development and function of the enteric nervous system.  He has now gone off to medical school at Saint George’s University School of Medicine. 

  • K. Elaine Ritter

    Graduate Student
    Neuroscience PhD Program

    Elaine completed her thesis work on the role of Htr3a in bladder innervation and function.  She is now working with Donna Martin at the University of Michigan. 

  • Makenzie Beaman

    Makenzie completed her undergrad honors thesis with us and has moved on to medical school at Duke University.  Way to go Makenzie!!