Journal Covers

Lab Events

  • Elaine Ritter celebrates the completion of her qualifying exam
  • Elaine Ritter represents the Southard-Smith Lab at the IGP recruitment poster session for the Neuroscience Program on August 25,2014.
  • Ashley Cantrell, Sarah Owens, Jake Stein, and Jimmy Harris participate in a telephone book recycling drive--March 2004
  • Jean-Marc celebrates his birthday with a bacon-flavored treat!
  • Jean-Marc introduces the lab to his new daughter, Sylvie, and the rest of his family.
  • Sarah shows everyone how to pipette with style!
  • Melissa celebrates her successful thesis defense!
  • Michelle and Melissa enjoy Chicago during Digestive Disease Week
  • Michelle and Melissa enjoy Chicago during Digestive Disease Week
  • Melissa celebrates her successful thesis defense!
  • Lab members enjoy an afternoon out in the sun between experiments.
  • Michelle & Elaine at IMGC 2015 Banquet in Yokohama
  • Elaine and Hideki Enomoto at the 2015 IMGC banquet in Yokohama, Japan
  • Elaine and Michelle enjoying a lunch break at IMGC 2015
  • Lab members celebrate at SATCO with tacos!
  • Michelle and Melissa celebrate at Melissa's graduation May 2016
  • Celebrating graduation May 2016 and meeting Melissa's new puppy over lunch at SATCO.
  • Kate using her engineering skills to manufacture a new lab doorstop!

Lab Pets

  • Another of Kate's dogs, Morgan Jones, is shown running through the snow in her backyard.
  • Latte (aka Fiddler's Green 7-pump Vanilla Latte) passes out after a tough day at puppy day care!
  • Jessica's dogs Raspberry Lemonade and Belle Pepper eagerly await a snuggle!
  • Another of Elaine's cats, Shaes Minerva Ritter "Minnie," is shown wearing her bow tie!
  • Melissa with her adopted pup "Charlie" May 2016.
  • Cricket Ritter, one of Elaine Ritter's cats, is shown sporting her homemade bow tie!
  • Michelle is a dog lover. Her family’s Aussie (Fiddler’s Green Super Sweet Vanilla Latte (aka “Latte”)) is shown playing with her squeaker ball at home.