Elizabeth Booker, MD


Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate: Lee University
Medical School: Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University
Sub-Specialty Interest: molecular genetics, digital and telepathology in general

Why did you choose VUMC Pathology: Of course, I wanted a strong program with excellent training, a variety of fellowship opportunities, and a history of excellent post-training job opportunities, but several things set Vanderbilt apart:

  1. Location. Nashville is a great city with four milder seasons so you can be outdoors all year—hiking, biking on trails all through the city and suburbs, lake life, and even sandy lakefront beaches. The cost of living is a bit prohibitive and the summers are humid, but overall it was a good fit. The city life is amazing as well from concerts to professional sports to live music on every street corner.
  2. Family-friendly program. I was pregnant with my 1st child during residency interviews and during the first year of residency, I had my 2nd child. Many of our residents are married with young children. I love that I can thrive at Vanderbilt at both my jobs—pathology training and parenting.
  3. The Vandy family! The residents and faculty have great relationships with each other. Our path techs are knowledgeable, friendly, and superb teachers. It feels like a tight-knit community, and I’m sure we will maintain our relationships for our whole careers.

Fun fact about yourself: I worked as a Navy physician after medical school (HPSP scholarship). I have two kids, aged 2 and 4. I am the resident who lives the farthest away (Spring Hill, 45-minute commute).