Six Landmark Case Reports Essential for Neuropsychiatric Literacy.


Well-described clinical case reports have been a core component of the neuropsychiatry literature and have led to: a deepened understanding of brain-behavior relationships and neuropsychiatric phenomenology, new paths for research, and compelling material for physicians who are studying neurology and psychiatry. Six landmark neuropsychiatry cases were selected for being well described, paradigmatic, and illuminating of brain-behavior correlations: Phineas Gage, Louis Victor Leborgne ("Tan"), Auguste Deter, Solomon Shereshevsky ("S"), "JP," and Henry Gustav Molaison ("HM"). Each case and its neuropsychiatric lessons are summarized from primary sources, highlighting some less appreciated aspects. Case reports continue to be a valuable resource for neuropsychiatric education. Yet only four of the 10 highest impact factor psychiatry journals accept case reports for publication.