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For more information on Continuing Medical Education (CME) please visit www.cme.vanderbilt.edu

  • Number of minutes divided by 60 = number of contact hours.

  • A nurse planner from the provider unit (Department of Nursing Education and Professional Development = NEPD) is required to be involved with all aspects of the planning of a program.

  • There needs to be a nurse planner from the provider unit (NEPD) and a content expert. There must be at least 2 people on the planning committee.

  • Yes, if the in-service is provided by a VUMC employee and not the vendor representative.

  • No. Individual areas are not required to keep any of the completed forms. The Provider Unit (NEPD) is required to keep all the forms for every program for 6 years.

  • Yes. Continuing education is a vital component to the nursing profession. Formal documentation of continuing education is attainable by attending an event with one of the following: Contact Hours or Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) or Continuing Medical Education (CME) attendance. Check with your credentialing body for specific requirements for maintaining licensure or certification.