Health, Wellness, and Social Opportunities

Vanderbilt provides a number of resources to support the physical, mental, and social health of residents and fellows. Our philosophy is that happy residents make good residents, and as such, “work-life balance” is a key priority. The Neurology Department, with support from the Office of Graduate Medical Education, offers a full package of benefits and perks to trainees including:

  • Free access to Vanderbilt’s health and wellness facilities for all trainees including gyms, tennis courts, pools, student recreation center, etc.
  • Access to HealthPlus resources for faculty and staff
  • Comprehensive benefits including paid vacation, holidays, health insurance, etc.
  • Monthly resident social hours
  • House staff committees
  • Housing/roommate listings
  • Vanderbilt Child and Family Center
  • “Go for the gold” wellness credit
  • Post-call fatigue options – taxi service 
  • Great clinic support staff
  • Travel time and funds
  • Book and computer funds
  • New innovations for evaluations, duty hours
  • Duty hour compliant
  • Annual RITE exam
  • 100% board pass rate

Within the Neurology Department, divisions often coordinate their own social events to promote collegiality among faculty, fellows, residents, and their families. 

In short, we are committed to supporting trainees not only as physicians and researchers, but also in their individual personal development.