Vanderbilt Medical Assistant Clinical Ladder

The Vanderbilt Medical Assistant (MA) Clinical Ladder is a performance-based advancement program. This program is designed to retain high-quality MA’s by recognizing excellence in engagement, clinical skills, and research. All full-time and part-time employees are eligible if they meet the requirements. 

The Clinical Ladder contains two levels: 
- MA II*
*A minimum of ONE year of employment per progression for each level of the ladder.

The Goals of the MA Professional Ladder:
•    Retain Medical Assistants in direct patient care
•    Recognize and reward excellent performance in accordance with Professionalism
     Continuous Learning, and Organizational Development.
•    Promotes a safe and high-quality environment for positive patient outcomes
•    Offers professional growth and development as a Medical Assistant

Eligibility Requirements:
- Must be employed at Vanderbilt for ONE year as an MA
- Must have performed at the Meets Expectation on the performance evaluation in all areas
- Must have completed ALL mandatory competencies and in-services required by VUMC
  and Department on or before the deadline
- Must NOT have any documented progressive discipline on file within the rolling year of application

How to Apply:
Click to complete the application

Important Information:
- VUMC MA Clinical Ladder Guidebook