Our Retired Nurses: Forever a Part of Us




The Retired Nurses Group

Vanderbilt values our retired nurses for their wisdom, their experience, and their knowledge of our history and culture.  We want to stay connected.  Our web site and our retired nurses gathering keeps us in touch, updates you on the happenings in nursing and the Medical Center, what opportunities are available to you and give us a way for us to have your insights and suggestions.

Retired Nurses group

Retired Nurses Gathering

Meeting 3 times a year for information sharing and updates from Executive Chief Nursing Officer, Marilyn Dubree.

Purpose:  To provide a process and forum for nurses who have retired to remain connected to Vanderbilt; to recognize and value the wisdom of retired nurses and their history with the organization; to serve as a resource in continuing to promote the profession of nursing; to seek insight on identifying the needs of the maturing workforce, retired nurses and future nurses.

Decision Making/Communication; Consensus building process is used, recommendations, work updates, issues are communicated to the Maturing Workforce Leadership. The Executive Chief Nursing Office is the sponosr of the group and has the final approval of all work.

Group Membership:  Nurses who have retired from Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Group Leadership:  Retired Nurses Steering Committee comprised of 7 members from the group and Executive Chief Nursing Officer support from nursing administration (Maturing Workforce Leadership). Committee terms are for 3 years, alternating to provide experience and consistency.

Meetings and Agendas:  Meetings are held 3 times a year with Agendas being planned by the Steering Committee with input from the retired nurses group and nursing administration.

Charter: Click here for a copy of our Charter.

For additional information, please contact:

Linda Todd

(615) 322-0735