The Center for Health Services Research currently includes over 160 faculty members. HSR Faculty represent diverse disciplines including clinical medicine, nursing, public health, social sciences, management sciences, and the humanities.Key research foci of the Center include: clinical epidemiology and outcomes research, clinical improvement and quality research, clinical economics and decision science, health promotion and disease management, behavioral health, comparative effectiveness research, community health and health policy.

Faculty Directory (Last Name, First Name)

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Abdel Kader, Khaled MD,MS                                      
Assistant Professor of Medicine                                          
Email: khaled.abdel-kader@vanderbilt.edu

Abumrad, Naji, MD 
John L. Sawyers Professor of Surgery                                                                                 
Chairman, Vanderbilt Department of Surgery
Email: naji.abumrad@vanderbilt.edu

Aldrich, Melinda C, PhD, MPH                                                                     
Assistant Professor of Medicine                                                                          
Email: melinda.aldrich@vanderbilt.edu

Narender Annapureddy, M.D. 
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology
Email: Narender.Annapureddy@Vanderbilt.edu

Arnold, Donald H, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Email: don.arnold@vanderbilt.edu


Bachmann, Justin, MD, MPH                                    
Instructor in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine                                                                     
Email: justin.m.bachmann@vanderbilt.edu

Banerjee, Arna, MBBS                                                                           
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Surgery and Medical Education                                                 
Email: arna.banerjee@vanderbilt.edu

Barkin, Shari, MD, MSHS                                                                            
Director of the Division of General Pediatrics                                                 
Email: shari.barkin@vanderbilt.edu

Barocas, Daniel A, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Urologic Surgery
Email: dan.barocas@vanderbilt.edu

Bernard, Gordon, MD

Melinda Owen Bass Professor of Medicine                                                                   
Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical and Translational Research                         
Director, Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research                     
Email: gordon.r.bernard@vanderbilt.edu

Birdee, Gurjeet, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: gurjeet.birdee@vanderbilt.edu

Blakely, Martin, MD, MS                                                                             
Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery                                                                                 
Email: martin.blakely@vanderbilt.edu

Boyd, Scott B, DDS, PhD                                                                                                
Research Professor of Medical Education and Administration                                   
Email: scott.boyd@surgery.mc.vanderbilt.edu

Brown, Tony Nicholas, PhD

Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Sociology                                                       
Associate Director, Center for Research on Health Disparities                                         
Email: tony.n.brown@vanderbilt.edu                    

Brummel, Nathan, MD, MSCI                                                                                          
Instructor in Medicine                                                                                                       
Email: nathan.brummel@vanderbilt.edu

Brunwasser, Steven M. 
Research Instructor, Allergy/Pulmonary & Critical Care Med Division 
Email: steven.brunwasser@Vanderbilt.Edu 

Buerhaus, Peter, PhD, RN, FAAN                                                                  
Professor, Department of Health Policy                                                         
Velere Potter Professor of Nursing                                                                   
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies                 
Email: peter.buerhaus@vanderbilt.edu

Buntin, Melinda Jean Beeuwkes, PhD                                                              
Chair, Department of Health Policy                                                                 
Email: melinda.buntin@vanderbilt.edu


Carroll, Kecia Nicole, PhD                                                                                          

Chair, Department of Health Policy                                                                 
Email: kecia.carroll@Vanderbilt.Edu 

Cavanaugh, Kerri, MD, MHS

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: kerri.cavanaugh@vanderbilt.edu

Chakkalakal, Rosette J, MD                                                                                                            
Assistant Professor of Medicine                                                                                                       
Email: rosette.j.chakkalakal@vanderbilt.edu

Chandrasekhar, Rameela Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics
Chang, Sam, MD

Professor of Urologic Surgery
Email: sam.chang@vanderbilt.edu

Choi, Leena, PhD                                                                                                              
Associate Professor of Biostatistics                                                                                 
Email: leena.choi@vanderbilt.edu

Clark,PeterE, MD                                                                                                          
Associate Professor of Urologic Surgery                                                       
Program Director, Department of Urologic Surgery                                                                                   
Email: peter.clark@vanderbilt.edu

Coffey, Robert, MD

Professor of Medicine
Email: robert.coffey@vanderbilt.edu

Collins, Sean, MD, MSc                                                                                                       
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine                                                                     
Email: sean.collins@vanderbilt.edu

Cooper, William, MD, MPH                                                                                                            
Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Pediatrics and Health Policy                                               
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs                                                                                                   
Director, Vanderbilt Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy (CPPA)                           
Email: william.cooper@vanderbilt.edu


DeBaun, Michael, MD, MPH                                                                                         
Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine                                                                             
Vice Chair for Clinical and Translational Research                                                     
J.C. Peterson Chair in Pediatric Pulmonology                                                             
Director, Vanderbilt-Meharry Center for Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease
Email: m.debaun@Vanderbilt.Edu

Deppen, Stephen, PhD, MSES, MA                                                            
Health System Database Analyst                                                                   
Email: steve.deppen@vanderbilt.edu

Dittus, Robert, MD, MPH                                                                                                                    
Albert and Bernard Werthan Professor of Medicine                                                                       
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Public Health and Health Care                                                     
Senior Associate Dean for Population Health Sciences Director, Health Services Research                       
Email: robert.dittus@vanderbilt.edu

Dmochowski, Roger, MD 
Professor of Urology                                                                                                                 
Vice Chairman for Surgical Quality, Safety, and Professionalism

Email: roger.dmochowski@vanderbilt.edu

Dupont, William, PhD  

Professor of Biostatistics and Health Policy                                                                               
Vice-Chair for Academic Affairs, Department of Biostatistics
Email: william.dupont@vanderbilt.edu


Easdown, Jane, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Email: jane.easdown@vanderbilt.edu

Elasy, Tom, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Email: tom.elasy@Vanderbilt.Edu 

Ely, Wes, MD, MPH    

Professor of Medicine                                                                                                                           
Associate Director of Aging Research, Veterans' Affairs Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center 
Email: wes.ely@vanderbilt.edu

Epplein, Meira, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: meira.epplein@vanderbilt.edu


Feurer, Irene, PhD     
Research Professor of Surgery and Biostatistics     
Director of Quantitative Services, Vanderbilt Transplant Center                                                     
Email: irene.feurer@vanderbilt.edu

Fowke, Jay, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor
Email: jay.fowke@vanderbilt.edu

France, Daniel, PhD, MPH

Research Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Email: dan.france@vanderbilt.edu

Francis, David, MD, MS       
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology                                                                                             
Email: david.o.francis@vanderbilt.edu

Freiberg, Matt, MD, MSc                                                                                    
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine                                                               
Email: matthew.s.freiberg@vanderbilt.edu

Fuchs, Catherine, MD           
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics       
Director, Vanderbilt University Psychological and Counseling Center          
Email: catherine.fuchs@vanderbilt.edu


Gaines, Kenneth, M.D.  
Professor of Clinical Neurology
Email: kenneth.j.gaines@vanderbilt.edu

Geevarghese, Sunil K., MD, MSCI, FACS

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Radiology and Radiological Sciences                       
Director, Vanderbilt Transplant Clinical Trials Office                                                       
President, The H. William Scott, Jr.  Society 
Email:  sunil.k.geevarghese@vanderbilt.edu

Gelbard, Alexander, MD                                                                                                        
Instructor, Department of Otolaryngology                                                                           
Email: alexander.gelbard@vanderbilt.edu

Girard, Timothy, MD, MSCI

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: timothy.girard@vanderbilt.edu

Goldenring, Jim, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery                                                                                                   
Paul W. Sanger Chair in Experimental Surgery                                                   
Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
Email: jim.goldenring@vanderbilt.edu

Gonzales, Gilbert, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Health Policy
Email: gilbert.gonzales@vanderbilt.edu

Graves, John, PhD                                                                                              
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Policy                                       
Email: john.graves@vanderbilt.edu 
Greevy, Robert, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics   
Director, Health Services Research Biostatistics
Email: robert.greevy@vanderbilt.edu

Griffin, Marie, MD, MPH 

Professor of Health Policy and Medicine
Email: marie.griffin@vanderbilt.edu

Griffith, Derek, PhD                                                                                                
Associate Professor of Medicine, Health and Society                                         
Associate Professor of General Internal Medicine & Public Health, Health Policy, and Sociology
Director, Institute for Research on Men's Health                                                     
Email: derek.griffith@vanderbilt.edu 
Grijalva, Carlos, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine                                                                                     
Email: carlos.grijalva@vanderbilt.edu

Grogan, Eric, MD, MPH    

Assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery
Email: eric.l.grogan@vanderbilt.edu

Guillamondegui, Oscar, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery                                                                                           
Director, Vanderbilt Multidisciplinary Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic (MTBIC)             
Medical Director, Trauma ICU
Email: oscar.d.guillamondegui@vanderbilt.edu

Gupta, Deepak, MD    
Instructor in Medicine
Email: d.gupta@vanderbilt.edu


Halasa, Natasha, MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Email: Natasha.Halasa@vanderbilt.edu

Han, Jin Ho, MD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Email: jin.h.han@vanderbilt.edu

Harrell, Frank E, PhD                                                                                                    
Professor of Biostatistics                                                                                                   
Chair, Department of Biostatistics                                                                                   
Director, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core
Email: f.harrell@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Harris, Paul, PhD                                
Professor of Biomedical Informatics                                                                                         
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Email: paul.a.harris@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Hartert, Tina, MD, MPH   

Professor of Medicine                                                                                                         
Director, Center for Asthma Research                                                                           
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Translational Science
Email: tina.hartert@vanderbilt.edu

Hartmann, Katherine, MD, PhD      
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Medicine                                                                   
Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Scientist Development                                         
Vice Chair for Research, Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Faculty                                     
Deputy Director, Health Services Research                                                               
Lucas E. Burch Chair, Reproductive Physiology and Family Planning                                         
Email: katherine.hartmann@vanderbilt.edu 
Heckers, Stephan H, MD

Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology and Radiology and Radiological Sciences         
William P. and Henry B. Test Chair in Schizophrenia Research                                             
Chair of the Department of Psychiatry
Email: stephan.heckers@vanderbilt.edu

Heerman, William J (Bill), MD                                                                                                  
Instructor of General Pediatrics
Email: bill.heerman@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Holden, Richard, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: richard.holden@vanderbilt.edu

Holzman, Mike, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Surgery                                                                                           
Chief, Division of General Surgery                                                                                     
Lester and Sara Jayne Williams Chair in Academic Surgery
Email: mike.holzman@vanderbilt.edu

Horst, Sara, MD 
Clinical Fellow, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Nutrition
Email: sara.n.horst@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Hughes, Christopher, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology                                                                             
Director, Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship Program
Email: christopher.hughes@vanderbilt.edu

Hung, Adriana, MD,MPH     
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: adriana.hung@vanderbilt.edu


Idrees, Kamran, MD   
Assistant Professor of Surgery                                                                             
Email: kamran.idrees@vanderbilt.edu



Jackson, James C, PsyD 

Research Assistant Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry
Email: james.c.jackson@vanderbilt.edu

Jahangir, A. Alex, MD

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation
Email: alex.jahangir@vanderbilt.edu

Jaser, Sarah, PhD                   
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics      
Email: sarah.jaser@vanderbilt.edu 
Johnson, Kevin, MD

Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor & Chair of Biomedical Informatics                               
Professor of Pediatrics                                                                                                           
Chief Informatics Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Email: kevin.b.johnson@vanderbilt.edu

Joosten, Yvonne A., MPH    

Assistant Professor of Medical Education and Admin
Email: yvonne.joosten@vanderbilt.edu


Keohane, Laura, PhD 
Assistant Professor, Health Policy
Kohanim, Sahar, MD 
Assistant Professor Ophthalmology & Visual Science 
Email: sahar.kohanim@vanderbilt.edu 
Koyama, Tatsuki, PhD

Research Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Email: tatsuki.koyama@vanderbilt.edu

Kripalani, Sunil, MD, MSc

Associate Professor of Medicine
Email: sunil.kripalani@vanderbilt.edu

Kuntz, Audrey, EdD, MSN

Director of Perioperative Education and Research
Email: audrey.kuntz@vanderbilt.edu


Larkin, Emma, PhD                          
Research Assistant Professor of Medicine                    
Email: emma.larkin@vanderbilt.edu 
Likis, Frances E, DrPH, NP, CNM, FACNM

Research Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: frances.likis@vanderbilt.edu

Lorinc, Amanda, MD   
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology                                                                                 
Email: amanda.lorinc@vanderbilt.edu 


Malow, Beth Ann, MD 
Professor of Neurology
Director, Vanderbilt Sleep Disorders Center 
Email: beth.malow@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Martinez, William, MD, MS    
Assistant Professor of Medicine                                      
Email: william.martinez@vanderbilt.edu 
Matheny, Michael, MD, MS, MPH                                                                            
Assistant Professor of Medicine                                                                           
Email: michael.matheny@vanderbilt.edu 
May, Addison, MD

Professor of Surgery
Email: addison.may@vanderbilt.edu

Mayberry, Lindsay, PhD, MS         
Research Instructor in Medicine                                             
Email: lindsay.mayberry@vanderbilt.edu

McNaughton, Candace, MD, MPH    
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine   
Email: candace.mcnaughton@vanderbilt.edu 
McPheeters, Melissa, PhD, MPH 
Research Associate Professor
Director, Vanderbilt Evidence-based Practice Center    
Director, Epidemiology Track, Master's in Public Health
Email: melissa.mcpheeters@vanderbilt.edu 
Meador, Keith, MD, MPH, ThM, BA                                                                          
Professor of Psychiatry, Health Policy, Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society, 
and the Graduate Department of Religion                                                 
Director, Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society                                                 
Email: keith.meador@vanderbilt.edu 
Merchant, Nipun, MD

Professor of Surgery
Email: nipun.merchant@vanderbilt.edu

Metzl, Jonathan, MD, PhD, MA                                               
Frederick B. Rentschler II Professor of Sociology and Medicine, Health and Society
Email: jonathan.metzl@vanderbilt.edu 

Miller, Anne, PhD  
Assistant Professor of Nursing                               
Email: anne.miller@vanderbilt.edu

Miller, Karen,  RN, MPA, CCRP 
Director, Clinical Research Operations, Department of Emergency Medicine
Email: karen.f.miller@Vanderbilt.Edu

Miller, Kathryn, MD, MPH 
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Allergy and Immunology
Email: eva.k.miller@vanderbilt.edu 
Minnick, Ann, PhD

Professor of Nursing
Email: ann.minnick@vanderbilt.edu

Mion, Lorraine, PhD, RN, FAAN 
Independence Foundation Professor of Nursing                 
Email: lorraine.c.mion@vanderbilt.edu

Moon, Durward Troy, MD, MPH 
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Email: troy.moon@Vanderbilt.Edu

Moore, Derek, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Email: derek.e.moore@vanderbilt.edu

Moore, Paul, MD  
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacology                          
Email: paul.moore@vanderbilt.edu 
Morgans, Alicia, MD   
Assistant Professor of Medicine   
Email: alicia.morgans@vanderbilt.edu 
Mulvaney, Shelagh A, PhD

Associate Professor of Nursing (Clinical Psychology)
Email: shelagh.mulvaney@vanderbilt.edu

Munoz, Dan, MD, MPA 
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine
Murff, Harvey, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Medicine
Email: harvey.j.murff@vanderbilt.edu

Murry, Velma M, PhD   
Professor & Betts Chair, Human and Organizational Development                                 
Email: velma.m.murry@vanderbilt.edu


Norris, Patrick, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery
Email: patrick.r.norris@vanderbilt.edu

Novak, Laurie, PhD, MHSA

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Email: laurie.l.novak@vanderbilt.edu


Obremskey, William T, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation
Email: william.t.obremskey@vanderbilt.edu

Osborn, Chandra, PhD, MPH    

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: chandra.osborn@vanderbilt.edu


Pandharipande, Pratik, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Email: pratik.pandharipande@vanderbilt.edu

Parikh, Alexander, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Email: alexander.parikh@vanderbilt.edu

Patel, Mayur MD, MPH 
Assistant Professor of Surgery and Neurological Surgery
Co-director, Vanderbilt Multidisciplinary Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic
Email: mayur.b.patel@vanderbilt.edu

Patrick, Stephen, MD, MPH, MS 
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Health Policy  
Email: stephen.patrick@vanderbilt.edu 
Penson, David F, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine, Urologic Surgery and Health Policy
Paul V. Hamilton, MD and Virginia E. Howd Chair in Urologic Surgery
Director, Center for Surgical Quality and Outcomes Research
Chair of the Department of Urologic Surgery
Email: david.penson@vanderbilt.edu

Peterson, Josh F, MD, MPH      
Assistant Professor of Medicine    

Email: josh.peterson@vanderbilt.edu

Peterson, Neeraja B, MD 
Assistant Professor of Medicine    

Email: neeraja.peterson@vanderbilt.edu

Julia C. Phillippi PhD, CNM, FACNM 
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing 
Email: julia.c.phillippi@vanderbilt.edu

Poulose, Benjamin, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Email: benjamin.poulose@vanderbilt.edu

Powers, James, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Email: james.powers@vanderbilt.edu

Pulley, Jill, MBA 
Director, Research Support Services                  
Email: jill.pulley@vanderbilt.edu


Ray, Wayne, PhD

Professor of Preventive Medicine
Email: wayne.ray@vanderbilt.edu

Rebeiro, Peter F, PhD, MHS 
Research Assistant Professor of Medicine 
Email: p.rebeiro@vanderbilt.edu

Resnick, Matthew, MD 
Assistant Professor of Urologic Surgery                                   
Email: matthew.resnick@vanderbilt.edu

Reynolds, William Stuart, MD                                    
Assistant Professor of Urology
Email: william.stuart.reynolds@vanderbilt.edu 
Rhoten, Bethany Andrews, PhD, RN 
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Email: bethany.rhoten@vanderbilt.edu 
Richards, Michael, MD, PhD, MPH 
Assistant Professor, Health Policy
Rosenbloom, Trent, MD MPH FACMI 
Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Medicine, Pediatrics and Nursing
Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs 
Email: trent.rosenbloom@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Rothman, Russell, MD, MPP   
Professor of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics & Health Policy
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Population Health Research
Chief, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Section        
Director, Center for Health Services Research
Email: russell.rothman@vanderbilt.edu 
Roumie, Christianne, MD   
Associate Professor of Medicine
Email: christianne.roumie@vanderbilt.edu 
Russ, Stephan, MD, MPH                                                                                            
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine                                                         
Email: stephan.russ@vanderbilt.edu


Sanders, Neal, PhD, MS, BS                                        
Business Intelligence Lead Architect

Email: neal.w.sanders@vanderbilt.edu

Sathe, Nila, MA, MLIS 
Adjunct Instructor, Biomedical Informatics
Assistant Director, Evidence-Based Practice Center
Email: nila.sathe@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Schaffner, William, MD                                                  
Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine
Email: william.schaffner@vanderbilt.edu 
Schildcrout, Jonathan, PhD 
Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics
Email:  jonathan.schildcrout@vanderbilt,edu 

Schlesinger, Joseph, MD 
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Email: joseph.j.schlesinger@vanderbilt.edu

Schlundt, David G, PhD                                                             
Associate Professor of Psychology
Email: d.schlundt@vanderbilt.edu 
Schnelle, John, PhD

Professor of Medicine   
Hamilton Chair in Geriatrics                             
Director, Center for Quality Aging, Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC)
Email: john.schnelle@vanderbilt.edu

Self, Wesley, MD, MPH 
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine  
Email: wesley.self@vanderbilt.edu 
Sethi, Manish Kumar, MD

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation
Email: msethi@partners.org

Shannon, Chevis Nacole, MBA, MPH, DrPH 
Research Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery                      
Email: chevis.n.shannon@vanderbilt.edu 
Simmons, Sandra, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Email: sandra.simmons@vanderbilt.edu

Slagle, Jason, PhD

Research Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Email: jason.slagle@vanderbilt.edu                       

Smith, Heidi, MD, MSCI, FAAP         
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology                  
Email: heidi.smith@vanderbilt.edu 
Sohl, Stephanie, PhD     
Research Instructor in Medicine                 
Email: stephanie.sohl@vanderbilt.edu 
Solorzano, Carmen C, MD

Professor of Surgery
Email: carmen.solorzano@vanderbilt.edu

Sopko, Kelly Lee, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Speroff, Theodore, PhD 
Professor of Medicine    

Email: ted.speroff@vanderbilt.edu

Stein, C. Michael, MB, ChB 
Dan May Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology                    
Email: michael.stein@vanderbilt.edu

Stevenson, David, PhD                                 
Associate Professor of Health Policy
Email: david.stevenson@vanderbilt.edu 
Storrow,Alan, MD                                                                                                                                                                           Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine     
Email: alan.b.storrow@vanderbilt.edu


Tanaka, Stacy Tricia, MD

Assistant Professor of Urologic Surgery
Email: stacy.tanaka@vanderbilt.edu

Tanner, Simpson B (Bobo), MD 
Assistant Professor, Osteoporosis, Rheumatology, Allergy, Department of Medicine 
Email: bobo.tanner@vanderbilt.edu

Tindle, Hilary, MD, MPH 
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Tobacco, Addiction, and Lifestyle 
Email: hilary.tindle@vanderbilt.edu




Unertl, Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Email: kim.unertl@vanderbilt.edu


Valet, Robert, MD 
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: robert.valet@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Van Driest, Sara, MD, PhD          
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics    

Email: sara.van.driest@vanderbilt.edu

Vasilevskis, Eduard, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine  
Email: eduard.vasilevskis@vanderbilt.edu

Velez Edwards, Digna, PhD

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Email: digna.r.velez.edwards@vanderbilt.edu

Vermund, Sten H, MD, PhD 
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Global Health 
Director Institute for Global Health 
Professor of Pediatrics 
Professor of Health Policy 
Amos Christie Chair in Global Health 
Professor of Medicine 
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Email: sten.vermund@vanderbilt.edu 
Vogus, Timothy, PhD     
Associate Professor of Management                                   
Email: timothy.j.vogus@vanderbilt.edu


Wallston, Ken, PhD

Professor of Psychology in the School of Nursing
Email: ken.wallston@vanderbilt.edu

Wang, Thomas J, MD 
Professor of Medicine
Director, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Physician-in-Chief, Vanderbilt Heart & Vascular Institute
Email: thomas.j.wang@vanderbilt.edu 
Ward, Michael, MD, MBA 
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Email: michael.j.ward@vanderbilt.edu 
Weinger, Matthew B, MD

Professor of Anesthesiology
Email: matt.weinger@vanderbilt.edu

Wellons, John, MD, MSPH   
Professor of Neurological Surgery
Email: jay.wellons@vanderbilt.edu 
Wellons, Melissa, MD 
Assistant Professor of Medicine                                                        
Email: melissa.wellons@vanderbilt.edu 
Wells, Quinn, MD, PharmD, MSCI 
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Email: quinn.s.wells@Vanderbilt.Edu 
Wester, William C., MD, MPH 
Associate Professor of Medicine
Whitmore, Christine, PhD                                        
Research Assistant Professor of Health Policy 
Email: christine.whitmore@vanderbilt.edu 
Wilkins, Consuelo Hopkins, MD, MSCI 
Associate Professor of Medicine                  
Email: consuelo.h.wilkins@meharry-vanderbilt.org 
Williams, Sarah Elizabeth, MD  
Instructor in Pediatrics 
Email: elizabeth.williams@vanderbilt.edu 
Wilson, Amanda, MD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Email: amanda.wilson@vanderbilt.edu

Wu, Pingsheng, PhD, MS

Research Assistant Professor of Medicine
Email: pingsheng.wu@vanderbilt.edu


Yiadom, Maya, MD, MPH 
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine                                     
Email: maya.yiadom@vanderbilt.edu