Core Services provided by the Center for Health Services Research



Database Management and Analysis Core 
We offer educational, computational, and data acquisition support for analyses of publicly available biomedical and public health datasets. We also provide consulting services regarding the design, conduct and analysis of studies involving these datasets, facilitating the development of hypotheses for health research, guidance for policy choices, or documentation of community health concerns. Contact:

Implementation Science/Quality Improvement Core  
Provides consultation and research support services for the implementation and evaluation of initiatives to improve the quality, safety, value, and delivery of health care. Services include consultation on the use of implementation science frameworks, study design (including hybrid designs, quasi-experimental and pragmatic clinical trials), selection of process and outcome measures, program evaluation, and assistance with manuscript and grant preparation.  Contact: kathryn.m.goggins@Vanderbilt.Edu

Qualitative Research Core 
Offers consultative services, equipment, and facilitation to support investigators planning to conduct qualitative studies, with a particular focus on use of structured and semi-structured interviews, web-based collection of qualitative data, direct observation of behavior, and focus groups. Contact:

Effective Health Communication Core 
Provides consultation on aspects of research study design, informed consent, patient recruitment, measurement, data collection, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and manuscript preparation related to health literacy, numeracy, cross-cultural communication and mobile device or internet-based communication. Contact: kathryn.m.goggins@Vanderbilt.Edu.

Human Factors and Systems Analysis Core 
Provides training and assistance in observing and analyzing human factors involved in both individual clinical tasks and complex health systems in order to improve patient safety and provider and system efficiency in health care delivery. Contact:

Meharry-Vanderbilt Community Engaged Research Core (CERC) 
Offers consultation and support services to facilitate stakeholder engagement in research. Services include consultations with researchers to engage patients, providers, policy makers and other key stakeholders in all phases of clinical and translational research, Community Engagement Studios, training on stakeholder engagement methods and best practices, assistance with building partnerships with key stakeholders and mini grants to support community partnership building and pilot community engaged studies. Contact:

Center for Quantitative Sciences 
Provides collaborative support spanning traditional statistical inputs, to novel statistical and bioinformatic approaches (e.g., multivariate modeling for high-dimensional data) for modern technologies, to systems approaches for asking questions and modeling results. Contact:

Nutrition and Diet Assessment Core 
Provides consultation, training and services related to nutritional status, diet development, diet histories, observed intakes, nutrition-related physiological measurement. VNDAC also provides space, equipment, supplies and personnel for data collection and analysis. Contact:

Survey Research Shared Resource Core 
Offers a wide range of research services to support all phases of survey research including survey design, sample selection, questionnaire construction, data collection and reduction, statistical analysis, and the reporting of results. Contact:

CORES in Development

Behavioral Measurement Core 
Assists clinical researchers in the selection, deployment and analysis of quantifiable patient-reported scales and surveys of health, illness, attitudes, behaviors, and quality-of-life measures. Contact:

Clinical Economics and Decision Analysis Program 
Provides education and consultation about appropriate application of techniques of decision analysis, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, and cost-impact analyses to promote health economics and policy research, and offers conceptual support in preparing research proposals on these topics. Contact: