Management Referrals

A manager may wish to refer an employee to the Nurse Wellness Program of Work/Life Connections-EAP.

Voluntary: The manager can suggest an appointment with Work/Life Connections –EAP as a useful resource for the individual to help resolve personal or professional issues. No information will be given to the manager without a signed release from the client. The employee should be instructed to call 615-936-1327 to schedule an appointment for an initial assessment.

Mandatory: While the majority of clients seen through Work/Life Connections-EAP are voluntary referrals, there are occasions when a mandatory referral is determined to be a business necessity due to safetey concerns or performance- based issues.

The decision to make a mandatory referral should begin with a consultation with the Human Resources Consultant who will then discuss the issues with the appropriate Human Resources Senior Leader. It is helpful if the Manager provides WLC-EAP with a copy of any communications related to the referral, in addition to an explaination of the behaviors that resulted in the referral.