Faculty & Physician Wellness Program

The Faculty and Physician Wellness Program is available to provide psychological support to the Vanderbilt faculty of all ten University Schools as well as housestaff and spouses.

The components of the program allow compliance with Joint Commission medical staff protocol around behavioral requirements for disruptive staff as well as creating a framework to meet credentialing standards at the state level. The keys to success are easy accessibility, proximity, confidentiality, and compassion.

In 1999, Vanderbilt began a specialized Faculty and Physician Wellness Program (FPWP) that utilizes a work-based, internal Employee Assistance Program (EAP) model. The program was established to meet the growing needs of professionals coping with stress, depression, addiction and other emotional and behavioral issues.

Since the program was established, over one thousand faculty and physicians have received care through the program, with 90% being self-referred.

In 2017 a 16-member multidisciplinary “Task Force for Empowerment and Well-being “ was charged with making recommendations to enhance clinician engagement and well-being, reduce burnout at VUMC. The Task Force, identified the need to

  1. Establish institutional accountability for well-being.
  2. Empower excellence in patient care and innovation through improved efficiencies
  3. Provide an environment that supports self-care.  

Access the digital Quality Time Away Tool-kit to familiarize faculty and physicians with the policies, procedures, and tips for taking time away from work for personal well-being.

Faculty & Physician Wellness Program Brochure