Recovery Support

The Recovery Support Service of the Work/Life Connections-EAP assists VUMC staff coping with addictions. This is achieved through identification, treatment, advocacy, and monitoring. When employees face addictive challenges, it not only impacts their personal lives, but it can impact their work. Addictions can be a threat to patient safety, research integrity, and other aspects of their careers.

A good assessment is essential to determining the right treatment intervention.

The Work/Life Connections-EAP counselor:

  • Gathers information concerning historical and present use of substances and their impact on the client’s personal and professional functioning
  • Makes treatment recommendations based upon the data gathered

In some cases, an assessment completed by an outside provider would be indicated. EAP Recovery Support staff can help identify the most appropriate treatment facilities and modalities. Upon successful completion of a treatment program, a comprehensive continuing care plan will be developed to help the client return to work safely.

The Recovery Support Services of the Work/Life Connections-EAP will assist the client in the return to work process and provide assistance with ongoing workplace support.