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VWell: Empowering Faculty and Physician Well-being


Physician Support

  • Peer Support Programs at VUMC
  • eStar Support - The HealthIT team offers a variety of resources to support providers in their use of clinical systems, including eStar.
  • The White Coat Investor -  A resource designed for physicians interested in learning more about personal finance including information for beginners, intermediates and experts.

Affinity Groups

  • Women in Academic Emergency Medicine - Addressing the unique challenges of women in Emergency Medicine
  • Women on Track - Promoting   mentorship, support, and career education for advancement of tenure track women faculty in medical science and to construct a framework from which to attract and retain talented women from the house staff and post-doctoral levels of our organization. 
  • VMS Literature Arts and Medicine (LAM) - Hosted by the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, the VMS Literature Arts and Medicine (LAM) Group exists to promote engagement and enjoyment of the creative arts and to foster community around creative expression at VUSM.
  • Tennessee Valley Agrarian Poetry Prose and Philosophic Society - Attended by faculty, trainees and medical students, this group provides attendees the opportunity to engage in a creative writing workshop where participants share their work and offer constructive assistance and feedback in the creative writing process.  To be included on the mailing list, faculty, house staff or fellows may email brian.christman@vumc.org.