Updating Provider Name and/or Marital Status

To update personal information such as provider name or marital status, you will need to update records both within VUMC and with external agencies. Below you will find information and instructions to request a personal information update.

  1. Submit a completed Personal Information Change Form to Human Resources
    • Complete the Personal Information Change Form.
    • Attach a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree and return completed form to HR Express at 2525 West End Ave., 2nd Floor (at the top of the escalator).
    • You will also need to present your updated social security card for verification.
  2. Update your medical license through your online user account at the TN Department of Health Licensure and Regulatory System. (Note - You will need to attach a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree to the online application.)
  3. Update DEA Registration online at the DEA Forms & Applications website. Click on "Make Changes to My DEA Registration".
  4. Contact Provider Support Services at 615-322-0223 for information on updating your credentials.
  5. Update your VUMC email address and primary display name:
    • Complete a Change in Primary Email Address form through Pegasus here.
    • If your surname has legally changed, you will need to complete a name change request through HR before submiting a request to change your email address (see Step #1 above).
    • If you are a Dual-ID Stakeholder (vumc.org and vanderbilt.edu) include the information for both accounts in the online request.
  6. Update your PeopleFinder information:
    • Access PeopleFinder directory.
    • Login to PeopleFinder by clicking on the green "Click Here to Login" box on the lower right sidebar.
    • Click on "Personal Update" on lower right sidebar.
    • Update all relevant fields and click green "Confirm" button at bottom of form.
    • Review profile information and click "Save".
  7. Update Benefits Elections:
    • Benefits elections may be updated within 30 days of a qualifying life event (i.e. marriage, birth of a child, etc.)
    • For more information on updating benefits elections, click here.