Support for Managers

  • Presentations - Managers may request an outreach presentation from a variety of topics that offer skill development as well as acquaint the faculty and staff with the services of Work/Life Connections-EAP and other Health and Wellness programs.
  • Support Following the Death of an Employee -Work/Life Connections-EAP counselors can assist management by meeting with individuals and/or groups; in order to provide support for the managers, faculty and staff who are dealing with the impact of this loss.
  • Coaching - Work/Life Connections-EAP can also provide support and coaching for the manager.
  • Work Injury and Exposures -Vanderbilt faculty/staff with a work injury should report the incident to their supervisor, report the event to Risk Management using the Online First Report of Injury and come to Occupational Health for evaluation.
  • Wellness Commodores - A Wellness Commodore is a liaison between their work department and Health Plus and acts as a champion that works to make a positive impact on the culture of wellness.
  • Walk-in Clinics- Medical attention for acute care needs.
  • Human Resources Service Delivery Teams - Service Delivery Teams offer a primary contact who assist staff, faculty and managers on key human resources needs.
  • Organizational Effectiveness - This Human Resources department offers a variety of professional development opportunities to individuals and teams.
  • New Staff Orientation - New Staff Orientation is a three-tier orientation program designed to give staff everything they need to know to get started at Vanderbilt.