A Quiz Time Module - When Clinicians Struggle: Finding Support at VUMC

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A Quiz Time Module - When Clinicians Struggle: Finding Support at VUMC

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Some clinicians may struggle with recognizing wellness needs in themselves and colleagues. In addition, you may be uncertain how to access support resources when a need is identified.

We are excited to announce the launch of When Clinicians Struggle: Finding Support at VUMC, a Quiz Time module that will equip clinicians to recognize well-being needs in themselves and in their colleagues while ensuring they know how to find and utilize support resources available through the Faculty & Physician Wellness Program.

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Participation in Quiz Time is voluntary and is available to all credentialed clinicians at VUMC. CME credit is available for applicable learners who engage in at least 80% of the questions.  When you sign up to be a part of this module, you may choose whether the daily questions will be delivered via email or text message.

Recognizing the time constraints of practicing clinicians, Quiz Time provides just-in-time learning by delivering daily quiz-items to your email or mobile device.  Learners can choose the most optimal and convenient time to engage with the material to be learned. Immediate feedback on the multiple-choice question as well as accompanying rationales, implications for practice, and references will equip you with the knowledge you need to help sustain your own personal well-being.

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The Faculty and Physician Wellness Program (FPWP) is available to provide psychological support, including counseling, coaching, assessment, and treatment plans, to Vanderbilt faculty and housestaff, as well as spouses. For more information on the Faculty & Physician Wellness Program, click here.