The Cicadas are Coming!

As if a pandemic wasn't enough, now the Cicadas are coming for a visit. This can detract from our well-being as we can't escape their persistence.

"The unrelenting noise can drive you crazy" recalls Jim Kendall, LCSW, Manager, Work/Life Connections-EAP. "The sticky sensation when one touches your skin, lands on your hair, and flies in front of you can create anxiety, fear, and agitation."

It is important to remember – "This too shall pass." Cicadas will not hurt you (they don't bite), but they can be frightening, annoying, and somewhat revolting. They are a nuisance and an irritant, but not truly a threat. Probably the only creatures, besides the cicadas, who are excited about this will be birds everywhere who will feast until their bellies will be full.

While they permeate our lives for several weeks, their existence is short lived, leaving remnants and reminders of their visitation. It may be a good time to plan for indoor activities and festivities. Memories will fade some until they reappear in another 13 -17 years for another generation to "experience and enjoy".