Nurse Wellness Program

Nurse WellnessThe Nurse Wellness Program (NWP) was launched in 2002 with the goal of providing psychological support to nurses. The components of the Nurse Wellness Program include counseling, workplace outreach, and the promotion of wellness activities. The Nurse Wellness Program is available to our Vanderbilt nurses including: registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, graduate nurses, licensed practical nurses and their spouses. Nurses who are on faculty would be served by the Faculty and Physician Wellness Program.

The NWP is a specialized service that recognizes the unique job demands of nurses. These demands expose nurses to a number of stressors which can affect their emotional well-being. Personal issues can impact this stress even further. While struggling to provide the highest possible level of care for their patients, nurses often neglect to care for themselves. Nurses, like many other healthcare professionals, struggle with balancing the demands between work and home. Some resist taking the time to focus on their own problems or feel embarrassed about seeking assistance. Nurses need to focus on their own self-care in order to continue caring for others.

The Work/Life Connections-EAP Nurse Wellness Specialist serves as the champion of the Nurse Wellness Program.