Step For Your Heart Challenge

Step for your Heart

Celebrate heart health and compete with colleagues or just have fun recording your steps to celebrate health for a chance to win great prizes. The more steps you accumulate, the more prize drawing entries you achieve!

Here's how it works: Register here beginning January 27.

Record daily steps over a 4-week Challenge period February 1-29.

  • Digitally with the MyCap app or
  • Logging manually with a document provided by Health Plus or
  • Connect with FitBit to sync your steps

Deadline to log your steps digitally with MyCap, or manually submit your log is March 4.

You are entered for Prize Drawings for number of steps recorded:

  • 1 entry for 100,000 steps (~3,500 steps daily average)
  • 2 entries for 150,000 steps
  • 3 entries for 200,000 steps
  • 4 entries for 250,000 steps (~9,000 steps daily average)

Winner's drawn will recieve $25 eGift Cards!