Safe Patient Handling Equipment

All patient handling equipment in use at Vanderbilt was selected based on input from nurses at VUMC who rated each piece of equipment on comfort, safety, ease of use and ease of cleaning.

The links below will open an instructional video for each piece of patient handling equipment/technology.

    • Provides a sliding system for low friction transfers, useful in lateral patient movement and repositioning in bed.
    • The flat sheet design with handles provides support in moving patients in bed.
    • Sheets are easy to put in place and remove from underneath the patient. It is not necessary to logroll the patient to use a slippery sheet.
    • Never use a slippery sheet to lift a patient vertically.





    • A battery-powered aid offers handset-controlled raising and lowering of patients
    • Provides for assisted transfers and toileting without the stress and risk of injury associated with manual handling.
    • Allows assisted ambulation and gait training. Built-in scale allows easy determination of patient's weight.
    • Operation by a single nurse or caregiver.
    • Maximum weight limit 420 lbs



    • Patients can be moved easily with the air transport mattress. Do not push or pull the patient too fast while using the mattress.
    • No weight limits, but if patient is wider than the air mattress, use bariatric size air mattress.
    • Secure straps before moving patient.
    • Never leave a patient unattended when on the air transport mattress.



    • The Stedy allows the patient to safely stand and to be transferred to the toilet, chair or wheelchair, eliminating the risk of a patient fall or employee injury.
    • It encourages the patient to participate fully in the transfer, improving circulation, stiffness, breathing, digestion and muscle tone.
    • Once the patient is standing clear of the chair, the nurse positions the flip down seat supports. This allows the patient to relax and sit comfortably and securely during the transfer.



    • Patients can be transferred in comfort and repositioned, if required, through 360º for access to bed, chair or wheelchair.
    • May use reusable slings or disposable slings when needed for contact isolation. Maximum weight 420 lbs. For heavier patients, request a bariatric lift from Central Supply.