Summer Activities for the Family

"I'm bored!" They are the two words every parent dreads during the summer break. Below are some activities you and your children can participate in before the start of school.

  1. Fun at Your Local Park. In addition to being a fun place for you and your kids, there's a good chance your local park has free activities and games set up just for the summer. Your local government's Parks and Recreation department may provide activities in the areas of sports, arts and crafts, physical education, and swimming.
  2. Summer Reading Programs at the Library. While reading a good book is always a fun and cheap way to keep your kids entertained, many libraries offer free summer reading programs as well. These programs encourage healthy reading habits for children by offering awards for reading a certain amount of books. It's also a great way to keep your kid's mind active.
  3. A Day at the Museum. Museums offer a fun and educational experience for you and your kids. While many museums normally charge an admission fee, these are often waived on certain days in the summer, meaning you can visit for free. When picking a museum to visit, it's often best to choose one that will cater to your child's interests.
  4. Take a Tour. Many companies and local government agencies provide free tours to the public. Often, a simple request will grant you and your kids a look at how a company runs or how a product is made. Some companies even provide samples of their products or free merchandise.
  5. Spend a Day Volunteering Your Time. Getting involved in volunteerism gives kids an opportunity to see what a difference they can make. Log on to the Hands on Nashville website and see which programs allow kids to volunteer their time over the summer, under your supervision.