Smart Sweets

​Do you ever find yourself craving sweets mid-day, late at night, or after a long, busy day? You're not alone! Many people experience intense cravings, especially for sweets. There is a clear explanation for why these sweet cravings occur.

Sweets have high amounts of sugar, which is a type of refined carbohydrate. This component in food is easily absorbed by the body and is used as its main source of energy. Carbohydrates provide quick energy, so it makes sense that you would crave these types of food when your body needs fuel. Sugar has also been shown to release "feel-good" hormones, like dopamine. When you are stressed, sad, anxious, or overwhelmed you may innately turn to food to help decrease these negative feelings. Lastly, there is research showing that you can build tolerance to the taste of sweet foods. Essentially, the more sweet foods you eat or drink, the more your body adjusts to those flavors, requiring a higher level of sweetness to satisfy your cravings over time.

One key to overcoming sweets cravings is to understand where they are coming from and find solutions that resolve the underlying issue. Reference the attachment below for tips on finding the root of your craving and what you can do to overcome it!


Smart Sweets Tips and Tricks


Use the handout to identify where your sugar craving may be coming from, and implement the suggested tip in your own creative way.


Greek Yogurt Berry Parfaits

Banana Oat Muffins


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