Self Care

Self care is about:

  • Getting preventive exams and immunizations
  • Learning how to care for common illnesses or injuries
  • Knowing when to see a health care provider
  • Knowing when to get emergency care
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Taking responsibility for your health

The first step in taking charge of your health is to have a health care provider. A health care provider is your partner for a variety of needs including prevention, routine care, and acute care. To find a Vanderbilt provider, call 615-936-3300. Or you may visit the Aetna DocFind website to find a provider close to you within the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network who is on the health plan and covered at the highest benefit level. Finally, the Occupational Health Clinic or Health Plus can assist you in finding a health care provider to meet your needs.

Getting preventive care exams is an important step in staying healthy. Visit the Health & Wellness Information Portal to view your personal Health Advisor. The Health Advisor will show you what preventive exams are recommended based on your age, gender, and race. You can also learn about resources available at Vanderbilt to help you get these preventive services.

You can learn to prevent, recognize, and manage many common illnesses and injuries. Valuable self-care skills include knowing how to communicate your health needs and becoming a partner with your health care provider to maintain good health.

Reliable resources for self-care on numerous health topics include:

Additional Resources:

Detect and Protect