Prep for Success


Preparing meals ahead is a great strategy for eating healthy when you have a busy schedule. Preparing food for the week can also help reduce the number of times you find yourself eating out, which can save you money!

Research shows that meal planning and prepping is associated with an overall healthier diet, decreasing your risk for heart disease and diabetes. This is because meals that are home-cooked tend to be lower in saturated fat, sodium, and calories when compared to meals purchased at restaurants or fast-food chains.

The key to successfully preparing meals at home is having a plan – find a day or two each week that works for you to plan, shop, and prep!

The handout below shows you 4 tips and tricks to prep for success!

Prep for Success


Follow the four steps outlined in the handout. If meal planning and prepping are new to you, start small with one or two meals this week.


Balsalmic Chicken
Sheet Pan Roasted Veggies


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