Intentional Acts of Kindness

​Kindness is generally thought of as a simple act, like smiling at a stranger walking by or saying thank you to a waiter. While the act itself might seem small, the impact is big. In fact, taking intentional positive actions initiates a response of joy in the brain. Here are examples of intentional acts of kindness you can start doing.

  • Be extra kind to the screener, a scheduler, or environmental service professional at the coffee shop or restaurant.
  • Ask someone how their personal or work day was.
  • Reach out to someone you haven't connected with in a while.
  • Befriend a new colleague and make them feel part of your team.
  • Appreciate, thank, or compliment someone.
  • Pick up a piece of trash around campus or in your neighborhood.
  • Give grace to a hurried driver on the road.
  • Give directions to someone lost in the hospital or on campus or offer to walk them to their destination if you have spare time.

Start small to create a big impact in someone's life. You'll be suprised what it can do for them and yourself! 

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