Check Up on Your Well-Being

​Ask yourself: how am I feeling today? Are you happy, anxious, excited, or nervous? Now, take a moment to examine your outlook on your life. Do you feel hopeful, stressed, optimistic, or filled with dread? These simple, yet important, questions help you check-in on your mental and emotional health.

October is Depression Awareness Month. Over 15 million adults experience feelings and symptoms of depression each year, however, many don't seek treatment for various reasons. One reason is they're unaware they even have depression. Some of the symptoms of depression are as followed: 

  • Mood or feelings of prolonged sadness
  • Sleep or appetite problems; fatigue / loss of energy
  • Loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities
  • Irritability or increased anger
  • Generally feeling bad

Depression can be brought on by different factors, whether it is internal or external. In addition, no one experiences depression the same way, which can feel isolating when you don't experience the "typical" symptoms. That's why Work/Life Connections-EAP has designed a depression self-assessment to help you and others struggling understand their feelings and if needed, seek professional help.

The great news is depression is a treatable illness, but the first step is becoming aware. You are not alone in your fight and our certified clinical counselors are here to help you. Whether it is in person or online counseling, Work/Life Connections is ready for you to take the next step and ask for help. Call 615-936-1327 and start your healing process today.