Smallpox Vaccine

Smallpox is an acute, contagious illness characterized by fever, backache, and prostration followed by the appearance of an eruption of papules and vesicles which became pustular by the eighth day. Although smallpox disease has been eradicated worldwide, researchers sometimes still use the vaccinia virus, which is the virus used in the smallpox vaccine. These research faculty and staff may obtain smallpox vaccine from OHC at no charge.

Varicella Vaccine

Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine is a two-dose immunization series which provides immunity to chickenpox. For adults, this vaccine is recommended only for those who lack natural immunity. Occupational Health provides the vaccine at no charge for VUMC faculty/staff whose immunity test shows they do not have immunity to varicella, or for those who have begun the vaccine series and need to complete it.

MMR Vaccine

Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine provides excellent protection against these 3 diseases. All VUMC faculty/staff must provide proof of immunization or immunity against rubella, and those born on or after 1/1/1957 must provide proof of immunization or immunity against measles and mumps also. OHC provides MMR vaccination for VUMC faculty/staff at no charge. People with a medical reason for why they cannot take the vaccine can receive a medical deferral from OHC as appropriate. MMR Vaccines are provided at no charge to Vanderbilt faculty/staff in multiple locations.