National Alcohol Screening Day is April 7, 2021

​Some people enjoy a drink periodically to socialize, to unwind, or to enhance a meal. While 80% of problem drinkers are employed, 8% of Americans have a diagnosable alcohol disorder. According to several studies, alcohol consumption has increased during the pandemic, especially in women. When it comes to alcohol consumption, how much is too much?  

The guideline for moderate drinking in men is 2 drinks* per day or 14 drinks per week but no more than 5 drinks on any occasion. The guidelines for women, because of their physiology, is 1 drink per day or 7 drinks per week but not exceeding 4 drinks on any occasion. (*A standard drink is considered to have one ounce of 86-100 proof alcohol, one 5 oz glass of wine, or one 12 oz mug of beer.)

Work/Life Connections-EAP has an on-line anonymous screening tool available for Vanderbilt faculty, staff, and family members. April is a good month to do your alcohol checkup.