HealthIT Clinical Support for Providers (eStar)

The HealthIT team offers a variety of resources to support providers in their use of clinical systems, including eStar.

Health IT eStar Training & Delivery Website
Our website houses the latest training and educational resources, including information from recent major upgrades to eStar. The Thrive Corner section for Providers acts as a launchpad for finding tips and tricks in the form of short videos to put your use of eStar into higher orbit!

Thrive On-Demand
Thrive is our ongoing clinician efficiency training program.  It is based on best practices from other sites that use Epic, as well as the knowledge and skills that have been developed based on real-life patient care situations at VUMC. 

Classes are delivered in-person outside of a clinician's scheduled clinical duties.  All training takes place in the production environment of eStar so the clinician can immediately benefit from the personalization and tools they developed during the class.  After attending these classes, we hope users will:

  • Expand their eStar knowledge
  • Gain additional confidence in system use
  • Further personalize eStar to their specific preferences and needs

Classes typically have one of the following areas of focus:

  • Chart Review
  • In Basket
  • Orders/Diagnosis
  • ASAP providers
  • Notes

If a department or group of users wishes to request a special Thrive class for their area, please email

1:1 Training
Clinicians may request personalized sessions with support specialists in order to improve eStar knowledge and efficiency.  To schedule a session please contact your local Central Support Specialist or Erin Moorman at

Clinician Champions
These individuals are embedded provider experts who:

  • Serve as central points of contact in their areas for eStar and other HealthIT products. They:
  • Contribute to their colleagues' understanding of eStar and other HealthIT-related issues
  • Assist in communicating updates and information related to eStar (and other HealthIT-supported products)
  • Help evaluate, prioritize and escalate HealthIT change requests

A list of clinician champions by academic department and sections can be found on VUMC Box

Physician Builders
Physician Builders are Vanderbilt physicians, nurse practitioners and other medical specialists who have undergone training at Epic that gives them the ability to create and alter clinical content within eStar. These individuals dedicate significant time to improve the eStar experience for those in their clinical area, by modify content themselves and in partnership with eStar analysts in their area. If you have ideas for improvement, consider reaching out to a VUMC Physician Builder in your clinical area. You can find a list of current builders on SharePoint.

Tip Sheets and Hubbl
The eStar team maintains numerous Tip Sheets, on a variety of topics, that detail specific functionality within eStar. Tip Sheets are available via Hubbl.

To locate a Tip Sheet, access Hubbl using the link below. Once you have logged in to Hubbl, select the Tip Sheets hyperlink. In the Search for tip sheets bar, enter a search term or eStar Application name to be presented with the existing Tip Sheets. Once a Tip Sheet has been located, it can be saved for future reference.

If a Tip Sheet on a topic cannot be found, email and they will follow up regarding the needed Tip Sheet.

Help Desk
The Help Desk provides 24/7 frontline technology support for the Medical Center. Depending on the nature of your issue, a Help Desk team member might be part of Desktop Support or the Clinical Application Support Team (CAST). Most issues related to clinical systems products will be directed to a CAST member.

Call the Help Desk at 343-HELP (4357).

Pegasus Ticket
You can also submit a Pegasus Ticket if you are experiencing an issue with a clinical system. Please provide the following information to expedite your issue:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Department/location
  • A brief description of your problem
  • Any other helpful information