Fill Up on Fiber

​Learn Dietary fiber, sometimes referred to as “roughage” or “bulk”, is a type of carbohydrate that cannot be broken down by our bodies. Although fiber provides minimal energy (calories), it is still a very important part of a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and other legumes, and whole grains all contain dietary fiber. Fiber benefits our health in many ways:

From Canned to Cooked

​Learn Are canned foods as healthy as fresh foods? Shelf-stable foods, such as canned beans, vegetables, fruits, and meats, have gotten a bad reputation. This is because some canned foods contain added sodium, sugar, or fat, changing the nutrition of the fresh version. The good news is there are canned foods that do not contain these added ingredients, so they are just as nutritious as the fresh versions! Which foods should I buy canned? Proteins:

Ditching Dairy?

​Over the years, dairy alternatives have become incredibly popular. In fact, non-dairy sales are surging when compared to traditional dairy products, showing that many people are making the switch. Some reasons people may choose to remove dairy from their diets include lactose intolerance, allergies, veganism, and health concerns. Full-fat dairy contains high amounts of saturated fat, which can increase your risk of heart disease.